Introducing BayLeaf!

I stumbled upon Salty Running through a former coworker, who like me, appreciated a good snarky comment (that was also totally based on fact). I read a few posts, started saying my piece in the group’s #SaltyChat on Twitter, and connected with another mom-to-be. When I saw that the group was looking for new contributors, I jumped at the opportunity to immerse myself with other like-minded, lady runners.

So, my spiel: I’ve been running for about 15 years. I hated it but suffered through to stay active and meet new people. That was in high school. After I graduated college and moved to New York, I started running more regularly, even signing up for a few races. I was hooked.

To date, I’ve run seven marathons (yes, I ran that Boston, and I’ve got a best of 3:31), a bunch of half marathons (with a best of 1:34), and countless shorter distances. I may be most proud of my 19:46 5K and my 5:37 mile. I’m into the short distances now. An easy 10-miler followed by pancakes and coffee is my new heaven.

I started running with North Brooklyn Runners in 2014, leading their track workouts in 2015, before I left the city and moved to Bethlehem, PA to take my dream job at Runner’s World magazine. Talk about doing what you love.

Photo credit: Drew Reynolds Photography

Over the years I’ve gotten my husband into running, and I knew I’d succeeded in my “Operation Make Jeff Run” when he turned to me the other day and said, “I miss my long runs.” (He had been training for the Runner’s World Half Marathon, but after the race, thanks to our newborn, hasn’t gotten out much.)

Speaking of said newborn: I had to stop running when I was about 24 weeks pregnant (those shin splits!). And let me tell you: the first mile I ran, five weeks after having my son, was the best thing ever (11:37). Maybe even better than having my son. No, but close. (You don’t fully appreciate being able to run until you can’t do it.) I’m six months postpartum and have been running since about five weeks postpartum. Pleasantly surprised with my progress, I’m trying not to overdo it and eyeing a mile PR this fall.

I’m looking forward to talking all things running with the Salty crowd. Thanks for having me!

Runner's World editor by day, mom by night (and day, let's be honest). Sub-20 5K, seven-time marathoner, track-workout lover. Always in search of a great burger.

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  1. Welcome, BayLeaf! I had to giggle – for someone who originally didn’t like suffering, you sure do like short distances! I like the marathon and half…mostly because I *don’t* like to suffer 😀

  2. Welcome!!! So excited you’re a part of the team! Can’t wait to follow the return to running and speed for you- chasing the 5k and mile times, do you have some races picked out?

    My first run after Having Hannah was similar, I was so excited to run that I didn’t realize how much everything and anything hurt or was uncomfortable…was just happy to be out there!

    1. I’m here because of you! I have a 5K in March but my goal race is the Fifth Ave Mile in September. I’ve been so impressed with your return to running (although I’ll never be a sub-3 marathoner…)