Introducing Avocado!

Hi Spicy Friends!

I am super excited to be joining the ranks as one of the newest flavors in the Salty Running repertoire. As the Avocado of the group, I’m hoping to add a certain amount of good fat to the crew and if you’re wondering, yes, I do make a mean toast. Although I am currently on the DL after hip surgery to repair a labral tear, I’ve still got some big goals and I’m learning some even bigger lessons along the way.

I live in Boston and when I’m not running (or at the moment, thinking about running), I can be found exploring a good hiking trail with Mr. Avocado and my dog, Lincoln, traveling or wishing I was traveling, or scoping out a good brewery.

My running journey started toward the end of college when I decided on a whim to train for and run a half marathon. I’m one of those runners who loathed running in high school, then used it to fight off the beer and late night dining in college โ€” and then fell down that slippery runner slope after one race. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good long run.

After college, I continued to run but it wasn’t until April 21, 2013, that I decided to finally run my first marathon. My now-husband and I had gone down to the finish line of the Boston Marathon to catch some friends cross the line. After waiting in a bar one block away from the finish, a series of tiny, seemingly insignificant events prevented us from walking out onto Boylston Street exactly as the first bomb went off. As we walked home through the haze and devastation that day, I decided it was finally time to run my first marathon and I vowed to do everything I could to qualify and return the next year in honor of everyone who could not. That was the push I needed and 6 weeks later, I ran the Buffalo Marathon in a painful 3:29. When I passed my family at mile 20 I yelled, “I’m never doing this again!”

Oops. I have since run 6 marathons, 3 Bostons, a handful of halves, tried 2 coaches, battled one eating disorder, missed running sub-3:00 by 42 seconds at Boston, had one sacral stress fracture, a hip surgery and a partridge in a pear tree.

The rest is a blur of training and racing and finding my way within the world of running. There have been some extreme highs and some heartbreaking disappointments, but that’s what I love about running. Nothing else in the world can bring me such a rush, whether good or bad. And nothing else has taught me more about pushing myself to new heights or about accepting defeat and all of the lessons that come along with the heartbreak of failure.

My running journey has had about as many ups and downs as the back half of the Boston Marathon course but I’m not willing to give up yet. Instead, I’m excited to share more about my road to recovery, my quest for sub-3 and all that this sport has taught me along the way. So I’ll be over here offering unsolicited commentary on coming back from injury, fighting off the inner demons that come with running and mostly just showing you photos of my dog.

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  1. Welcome, Avocado!! Your name makes me so hungry ๐Ÿ˜€
    So glad youโ€™ve joined the Salty team!!!! Looking forward to pics of your dog and watching you come back from injury!!!

  2. Running certainly brings ups and downs but I’m so grateful for our half/full wins at Empire that made us friends a few years ago! I know you will come back from all of this stronger- and can’t wait to follow along!

  3. I loved reading your intro post! I think we should probably be best friends because I also will mostly be sharing photos of my dog, I am trying to break 3, I have battled an ED and I love avocados. Ha! But really … so much in common. Looking forward to getting to know you better and reading about your comeback!

  4. Welcome! I really only share a history of injury and an undying love of avocados, but I think that’s a great basis for a friendship! I am so looking forward to getting to know you and hearing more about your running!