Introducing Anise!

Meet AniseBorn and raised in Michigan, I moved to Indiana 23 years ago, 5 years later met and married the geologist of my dreams and settled in Indianapolis, Ind., where we live today. I was always involved in clubs and groups, but nothing athletic. While working full time throughout grad school, I got heavier and more unhealthy.

Suddenly, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.ย And so my life changed โ€” I became a runner and a triathlete and fell in love with endurance sports.

Finishing my half ironman
Finishing a half Ironman this summer with a big PR.

I am still involved with professional activities and church, and I still work full time as a community planner, but now I train nearly every day. I’ve finished 65 half marathons (66 coming right up), 5 marathons (6th coming up), and 4 half Ironman races. My big dream goal is to finish an Ironman in 2018. I never would have imagined that I would have two coaches (tri and swimming), a personal trainer, a dietitian, a massage therapist, a chiropractor, a physical therapist, and a sport psychologist … but here I am.

I’ve always been a joiner, and these days I am involved with the Indiana Healthy Weight Initiative, Health by Design (an organization committed to improving healthy options in Indiana through policy, systems and environmental change), and Planners4Health (an initiative of the American Planning Association and the American Public Health Association to engage planners in public health and put health as a consideration in all community plans). I love finding ways to connect my work as a community planner to my passion for quality places, active transportation, running, cycling, and healthy food.

My husband and I biking together
I’m lucky to have a husband who loves being active with me!

Outside of my active lifestyle, I also love good craft beer, mostly porters and stouts; if you can see through it, I’m not interested! I am a dog lover, although my Beagle and Boston Terrier crossed the rainbow bridge long ago, but I have a distinct preference for small, smushed-face puppies. My husband, a cyclist and yogi, trains several days a week and occasionally runs a 5K or walks a half marathon.

Still, in spite of all the stuff, the constant training and my involvement with health and active lifestyle groups, I’m not your typical highly-trained runner.ย I am fat, slow, and determined. I love challenging what people think about obese people and people with diabetes, and trying to sort out the facts from the fiction. I speak my truth in a pretty raw way and people either love it or hate it, though few acquire the taste over time … much like people respond to anise!

Welcome to the Salty Running team, Anise!

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  1. Welcome, glad to have another dark beer loving Saltine on the crew! I love that you are so active in the running community and a “joiner” in general- I could see how that would tie into your work and vice versa!

  2. I recognize your story from Dizruns! Salty Running will be a great place to document your training. Good luck with your big goals!