Introducing Adobo!

¡Hola, Saltines! Adobo, here, and just like the blend of spices that make up this Latino household staple seasoning, I too consider myself to be an amalgam of life’s flavors.

I was born and raised in the Chicago land area — Go, Cubs, Go! — by a very strong teenaged single mother — the OG Adobo — and later, my adoptive father joined our crew.

Running came into my life when I was headed towards a downward spiral of “partying like it was 1999”. Lots of party drugs, booze, little sleep and no self control. I was self-medicating and things were not trending well.

I used partying to forget a sexual assault that happen to me when I was very young. I harbored so much pain and shame, that I eventually erupted into an explosion of recklessness.

Running, thankfully, helped to set me straight. Eventually, running turned me into an athlete. After I moved to Florida, and spent a lot of time working on myself — I am not afraid to admit that I am still evolving into my best self — I felt the fire to become a better runner when my boss at the running store where I worked told me I was too slow! I decide right there and then, I needed to prove her wrong and start training!

I stopped training alone and found a great group called the West Volusia Runners. They taught me about long runs, tempo runs, and speed work. That group really helped me set down a solid foundation in my running life.

Then I learned about another training group that was known for being super fast. I put my big girl pants on and stepped way out of my comfort zone and joined the Lake Monroe Road Killers. The Lake Monroe Road Killers taught me how to get comfortable with the uncomfortable parts of training and racing. The group was primarily men, so it was fun to be treated like the little sister of the group!

I returned to my hometown for the first time clean and sober in 2015 to race the Chicago Marathon. I missed a BQ by four seconds! It was after that marathon that I knew it was time to find a running coach to take my running to the next level. That is when I found Personal Best Training and Coach Matt Ebersole. So far, our relationship has been great!

I now live in Indianapolis and have had many mini breakthroughs and met some of the most wonderful runners. I also have benefited greatly from the relationships I have with the other athletes training with my coach. After that old running store boss put me down, I was hesitant to put myself out there, so I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being a part of my running community.

Years into my running life, I’ve now raced everything from one mile to a 52 miler. Though I don’t know if I will ever run another ultra again, I probably shouldn’t say that I won’t, either.

Something that both running and life have taught me, is that we will face many adversities but, we have two choices; be the victim or be the survivor. I choose to be a survivor!

Nowadays, this pixie haired tattooed introvert is a domestic Goddess (hahaha), a blogger/vlogger, married to her running partner for life, working on convincing him we need a fur baby, and living in the wonderful town of Plainfield, Indiana!

When I stumbled upon Salty Running I knew this was my tribe! A safe place to be unapologetically me and to share my voice within this crazy sport that I love to hate and hate to love! I am truly looking forward to sharing all things I find salty and spicy in the running community with you!

I am pixie haired, tattooed social introvert, "domestic Goddess"(a.k.a., a homemaker), originally from Chicago. I traded in my party girl high heels for running shoes years ago and my life since then has changed for the better! When I am not chasing down my big, hairy, scary, running goals, you can find me hiking with Mr. Adobo, trying to execute various Pinterest recipes, or getting lost in a good running book. Pizza, coffee and, scary movies are the way to my heart!<3

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  1. I’m so glad to know you and to have you here! I understand where you’re coming from, completely.

  2. ADOBO, WOW!!! Congrats on this for sure! Can’t wait to conquer some stuff this summer with you!! We are on the right track and more importantly YOU are on the right track!!! Proud of you!!! Keep making YOU better!!

  3. I’m so happy to see a Latina voice here. I love Salty Running and am so excited for all the newbies.

  4. Welcome! Missing Boston by 4 seconds….ughhhhh…that’s a post in itself! Congrats on sobriety and looking forward to getting to hear more from you!

  5. Hey Adobo! I host a running podcast and was wondering if you might be up for a chat for the show sometime soon? If you’re interested/would like some more info, let me know. @dizruns on Twitter or IG. Whatever is better for you. Thanks!