Hummus Training Log – 2.19.18-2.24.18

Such an off, odd week this was! I had to travel twice this week with a red eye flight, a reroute and a plane maintenance issue, with 8 students in tow. I always thought I’d love to travel for work. But after 9 years, not so much…


Technically a REST day. Spent all day in airports, flying east to west. Took a 3 mile walk once checked-in along with lunges, bridges, and squats.


4 easy miles on the Las Vegas Strip. Easy, photo-taking pace, about 9:30 m/m.


Rest and red eye flight home


Stranded in airport…

Evening PT appointment and Strength/Flexibility workout; cupping and dry needling with PT.


Rest day-6 hour car trip…will this week ever end?


Rest day-4 hour car trip…


Finally, 7  miles-9:20 pace with some fartlek thrown in.

Felt so good to get outside and not be on a plane, train or automobile.

I absolutely, positively cannot wait to get back to normal training next week!

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