Introducing Hummus!

Hi There! My name is Hummus and I’m so excited to share some thoughts laughs and experiences here at Salty Running.

I am currently living in Towson, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore (I swear it’s the quirkiest city I’ve ever seen!). Prior to living in Maryland, I lived in Morgantown, West Virginia and home for me is Wilmington, North Carolina. I have a great husband and five children (two were mine, two were his, and now one is ours) ranging in age from 17 to four. If you asked me the famous “what do you do” question, I would answer that “I’m a mom and a runner. Oh, and a professor who teaches fashion merchandising.” Priorities, priorities…I love working with my students, though! They keep me young and on top of my fashion trend game.

In addition to running, I love the great outdoors, yoga, writing, hanging with my family, and baking. I’m the most extroverted introvert you’ve ever seen, thanks to, being a teaching faculty member for so many years. While I ran my first 5k at 8 years old with my mom’s friend, I started really running trails when I was 13. There were older runners in my neighborhood (read: cooler, already in high school kids and a cute boy that I had a crush on) and I wanted to hang out with them. So, began my love of running. Once I was in high school, I played tennis and soccer, both of which required me to run in the off-season for conditioning. And while I was rarely the fastest, I saw a steady improvement in my speed and endurance. I’ve been a runner since, through and sometimes in spite of, jobs, family responsibilities, and graduate school. Running helps me battle anxiety and in fact, my doctor encourages more running, when I can’t do anything else. I call that a WIN.

As for racing, I like smaller, regional events in the mid-Atlantic as well as those where I race near my family in North Carolina. But for this year (2018), I’m racing the NYRR 9+1 to complete the TCS NYC Marathon in 2019. My first half marathon, my favorite distance to race, is the NYC Half in March and followed eight weeks later by the Brooklyn Half. I’m also a race wife and mom, with four kids running various races and events this year and a husband running the Chicago Marathon. My favorite moments are those spent running with my family and friends. Next up for me in the next few years is heading back to the trails, where it all started. I look forward to talking with y’all along the road!

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  1. Welcome! love that you found a doctor/HCP who encourages your running, I feel like that can be half the battle sometimes- finding someone whose first response isn’t about how running is bad for your knees.

    Love the photo of you and your daughter, adorable!!