Hops’ Training Log: 4.2.17, 4.9.17, and 4.16.17

Hey there! I’m in Boston getting ready to cheer my face off. My training has been going well lately, but I’m planning to take a break for a few weeks and just do some easy running for awhile. As you’ll see from what these past three weeks have been like, I’m in desperate need of some downtime.


Week ending 4.2.17

Monday 3.27– 8 miles on the treadmill and some Jasyoga

Tuesday 3.28– 8 miles on the treadmill

Wednesday 3.29– 2 warm up, 5 x mile in 5:30 with 3-4 mins recovery, 2 cool down (I set the treadmill to 5:30 pace for this one and just did 1 mile at a time, with the goal of going 3-5 reps at that pace)

Thursday 3.30– 8 miles on the treadmill

Friday 3.31– 7 miles on the treadmill and the Jasyoga hip reset

Saturday 4.1– I traveled to Chicago with my team in the morning and then ran an easy 4 mile shakeout run and some strides

Sunday 4.2– 2 mile warm up, Shamrock Shuffle 8k 28:07, 2.8 mile cool down

Total: 53.8 miles

Week ending 4.9.17

Monday 4.3– 8.5 miles in Chicago with my teammates before flying back home

Tuesday 4.4– 8 miles on a hilly route

Wednesday 4.5– 6 mile recovery run on the treadmill, Jasyoga 5 minute hip reset

Thursday 4.6– 8 miles on the treadmill

Friday 4.7– 8.3 miles easy with some hills on the treadmill

Saturday 4.8– I ran a local 10k but got there late so I could only do 1 mile for warm up, ran the hilly 10k in 36:57, 2 mile cool down with the double stroller

Sunday 4.9– 8 miles easy on the treadmill

Total: 56.2 miles

Week ending 4.16.17

Monday 4.10– rest

Tuesday 4.11– 8.6 miles pushing my youngest in the single stroller

Wednesday 4.12– 5 miles easy on the treadmill

Thursday 4.13– 8.1 miles on a hilly route

Friday 4.14– Travel to Boston, rest

Saturday 4.15– 2 mile warm up, BAA 5k race 17:08, 2.5 miles cool down

Sunday 4.16– rest

Total: 29.4 miles

I'm a mom and business owner from upstate NY. I love running, coffee, and adult beverages. Also chocolate. I'm currently training for shorter distances (mile-5k) but my big goal is to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Trials in the marathon.

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