Hops’ Training Log 3.6.17- 3.12.17

Friends! This week I’m feeling way more upbeat. My family is healthy, everyone is sleeping, therefore life is good. Yeah, we’re getting two feet of snow today, but whatever. As long as the power stays on (fingers crossed) we’ll be fine. I’m headed to Virginia Beach this weekend to run the Shamrock half marathon. But, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Let’s talk about training last week…

Monday 3.6– back to my regular routine of running at the YMCA. I did an 8 mile run on the treadmill in just under an hour. Followed that up with a half hour of yoga (I did the Jasyoga Post-Run Hip Reset). Used my full two hours of child care, and oh did I miss that last week when the kids were sick. Feeling like myself again.

Tuesday 3.7– lots of sleep and some new shoes to try out, so I figured it was time to break the aerobic running rut I’ve been in. I did a 4 mile warm up, the 4 x mile with 90 seconds rest. I set the treadmill to 10.5 mph which is 5:42 pace, so all my mile repeats were at that pace. Fought the urge to speed up on the last mile repeat. This was the pace I was aiming for at my 4 miler race coming up, so it was nice to have a good workout feeling like that pace was comfortable and manageable. Cool down .5 mile because I had to go pick up my daughter at school (8.5 miles total)

Wednesday 3.8– 8 miles on the treadmill at the YMCA in a little over an hour. I like to people watch when I’m at the Y because it gets boring. For awhile I was seeing something new and ridiculous every day (think polo shirts, mullets, etc.) but then things got real normal. So I was pretty excited to see two people working out in jeans today. That cannot be comfortable.

Thursday 3.9– 3 mile warm up, 6 x 800 with 2-3 min rest (800s in 2:30). I set the treadmill to 12 mph and just got through them one at a time. Cool down .5 mile. I had to pick my daughter up from school and I don’t enjoy cool downs anyway (6.5 miles total)

Friday 3.10– I did the last 6 miles of the Boston marathon course at 8:15 pace (6.1 miles total). My NordicTrack has iFit so you can run some of the major marathon courses. This time of the year I am grateful for the convenience of having a treadmill in my basement, but at the same time I am so over it. Followed up my run with about 20 minutes of Jasyoga.

Saturday 3.11– Runnin’ of the Green 4 miler. This was the 39th running of this race, and since it had been switched to a 4 mile race in 2000 it was apparently the coldest on record. I don’t know too much about the history of the race because I’ve only run it twice: last year when it was a normal temperature, and this year when it felt like we were running in the Arctic Circle. The warm up (3 miles with my team) was terrible even though I was wearing a knee length North Face parka. The race itself was okay, and I was surprised I was able to run a decent pace because normally I don’t run well in cold weather. Cool down 2 miles (9 miles total)

Race splits: Mile 1- 5:47 (strong headwind, slightly uphill), Mile 2- 5:38 (didn’t notice wind, downhill) Mile 3- 5:59 (headwind, rolling and mostly uphill) Mile 4- 5:40 (mostly downhill, tailwind). Official time was 23:18 and I was first female, 9th overall.

At the finish, my face is sooo red. Promise I didn’t feel THAT bad (photo credit: Ellen Snee)

Sunday 3.12– rest. I have no excuse here other than I didn’t want to run in subzero weather again, and I didn’t feel like doing my long run on the treadmill. So I pushed my long run to Monday. We watched a soccer match on the big screen at a local family-friendly sports bar and I felt like a wimp because they were playing in the snow. Had a good IPA and my kids actually behaved in public. So no running, but otherwise an excellent day.

Total: 46.1 miles

Thankful for chocolate milk and Snapchat filters. Cutest little bunny ever.

I'm a mom and business owner from upstate NY. I love running, coffee, and adult beverages. Also chocolate. I'm currently training for shorter distances (mile-5k) but my big goal is to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Trials in the marathon.

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  1. NB 1400 twins! Great week. I feel you on hitting the point where it’s like NO to more cold and to the treadmill. Just. Stop. I just saw a post by someone else about getting a treadmill with iFit … do you know which model you have? I suspect we’ll be in the market soon now that we have space!