Honey’s Training Log for Grandma’s 2.15-2.28

I only fell three times while XC skiing on Day 1 of training. Now, if only I don't fall off my training plan...
I only fell three times while XC skiing on Day 1 of training. Now, if only I don’t fall off my training plan…

After watching last November’s New York City Marathon from along 5th Avenue, I promptly went home and set myself to researching my next marathon. I was inspired by the runners, and I wanted a race that inspired me.  What was a race that I had on my list of places to visit or that had particularly gorgeous courses? Once I saw that Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN would fit my schedule, I was registered faster than you could say “Uff-da.” Let’s hear it for home state pride and a place on the bucket list of marathons!

With a race selected, I went about searching for a training plan. In the past, I’ve tried following a Nike plan, a Runner’s World plan, and my own DIY plans, and I’ve always finished above four hours. Also, you could say I’ve been less than diligent in keeping to my running. I know that whatever plan I set this year, I need to stick to them come hell or high water and make my training a priority. So this time, I’m giving the Hansons Method a try, opting for the ambitious sounding “Advanced” version. So here it goes!

Monday, 2.15 – Since I started my 18-week adventure while visiting family in Minnesota (nice bookends), instead of a 5 mile run, I opted for a 5-ish k cross country ski trail. First time in the skis! Minimal falling. Felt like an auspicious beginning.

Tuesday, 2.16 – 6 miles around Lake Winona. Easy 9:43 pace. I’d love to use my boyfriend Russ as an excuse as to why I kept my pace down, but in reality, I have a lot of building back up to do.

Friday, 2.19 – 6 miles on the treadmill. My traveling took me to visiting Russ’s mom in Columbus, Ohio. (Fun tip for visitors to Columbus: The McConnell Heart Health Center has these adorable little cabins on their campus that are available for anyone to book. A stay includes free access to their fitness facilities and vouchers for food in their cafeteria.)

Saturday, 2.20 – 8 outdoor miles on Columbus’ Olentangy Greenway Trail from High Street to Anterim Lake. 9:37 pace. Sunny 54 degrees sure made for a more comfortable run than Minnesota’s foggy 30 degrees.

Sunday, 2.21 – A 5 mile recovery run/walk back at the McConnell gym. Have I mentioned that I have a lot of building back up to do?

Monday, 2.22 – Monday will be for speedwork for the next 10 weeks. Up today: Speed pickups starting at 8:00 pace for 5 mins, 4 mins, 3 mins, 2 mins, and 1 min with half of the time for recovery in between and getting progressively faster with each pickup. This workout breezed by. I’m still easing back into running, but I think I took this one too easy.

Wednesday, 2.24 – An early morning treadmill attempt at the gym. I actually woke up at 5:00 am for this, and I had to wait for a machine. Darn you, New York, and your competitive nature! I get that the early bird gets the worm, but no need to be vultures swooping in for a My goal was 6 miles, but I got 5.5 in before I had to get ready and leave for work. Time to think about a morning run buddy, a headlamp, or a way to conjure the sun earlier.

Friday, 2.26 – An evening treadmill session this time for a full 6 miles. Why were there still treadmill vultures stalking the machines on a Friday night??!!

The LIttle Red Lighthouse in Upper Manhattan. My favorite landmark for a four-mile out and back from home. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
The Little Red Lighthouse in Upper Manhattan. My favorite landmark for a four-mile out and back from home. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Saturday, 2.27 – 8 miles in upper Riverside Park. First four miles with Russ from our house northbound out to the Little Red Lighthouse and back. Average pace, about 10:00. Second half, southbound. Average pace, about 9:30. Good use of achieving negative splits or a case of the bf slowing me down?  (I kid. Only partially.)

Sunday, 2.28 – 5 mile recovery run/walk (but less walking than last week) from my apt down to 96th street.

This first week of March is already off to a good, consistent start. Only 16 weeks to go!

A Minnesota girl living in New York City. I'm a middle school teacher (by choice!), runner, bike commuter, traveler, and general do-er of things. My next goal is to change my finally crush my marathon PR of 4:01 to under 4:00.

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