Honey’s Training Log for Grandma’s – 3.30.16

Week 6 of training in the books. Wow, I am a third of the way done! Kind of a scary thought. But it’s been an exciting week since I bought my plane tickets to Minnesota for race weekend and got to run all of my workouts outside. Here’s how it shook down.

Monday, 3.21 – Speed work at the track on a rainy Monday. Short warm-up, 5 x 800 with 400 recovery in between. Intervals took between 3:07 and 3:31 to complete. Of course the fasts lap was the first one, but the slowest was in the middle – I picked back up the pace for the last one. Then, as a bonus, I did walking lunges on the way home.  4.5 total miles.

Wednesday, 3.23– Tempo run. Riverside Park and the west side definitely kept me company this week. 7 miles down south and back today at 8:23 average pace. 7 total miles.

Thursday, 3.24 –  My legs and the rest of me just needed a rest day. So much for the Hanson’s plan of 6 days per week.

Friday, 3.25 – Good Friday?… you mean Great Friday! I was off from school, and the hash was beginning uptown that night. With 10 on the calendar, I started the day with an easy amble along the north end of RP and up to the Dyckman exit along the West Side Highway. Average pace, 9:33. At the hash, I took an even easier approach, since my stomach was starting to bother me, but I finished the remaining miles and then some. 11-ish total miles.

Saturday, 3.26 – My stomach was still cranky, so I decided to give it another rest day. Powering through yesterday didn’t make for quality miles.

Sunday, 3.28 – Another double day. I had the pleasure of Cinnamon’s company as she pounded out one of her long runs. I ran the first 9 with her down the Hudson. Average pace, 9:42. Later that day, I went to the hash again thinking that I might run. I ended up setting a live trail with another runner; the rest of the pack gave us a mere 10 minute head start.  So we ran pretty swiftly, setting the approximately 6-mile trail. This definitely makes up for me skipping Saturday. 15-ish total miles.

Weekly total: 35/36-ish miles

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