Honey’s Training log for Grandma’s – 3.21.16

The school year is reaching that weird point of mixing test-prep monotony and madness. Here’s just a quick look at the most sane part of last week.

Monday, 3.14 – Speed work at the gym on a rainy Monday. After a brief warm-up, I went for a ladder workout of ascending time but decreasing speed. Starting for 1 minute at 10.0 on the treadmill and working my way down to 5 minutes at 7.5. After each interval, I spent half of the time for recovery in between.  3.3 total miles.

Wednesday, 3.16 – Tempo run. Of course right at the moment that I get exactly halfway around Central Park, the skies open up and deliver on the rain that the forecast projected. Luckily it wasn’t a huge downpour. Actually a little refreshing. And it helped me keep a brisk pace too (8:29 average). 6 total miles.

Thursday, 3.17 – It was Parent-Teacher Conference night, which means I was stuck at school until 8 pm with no time for my usual after work run. And since I don’t have the practice yet of getting up earlier than my usual wake-up call, my only choice was to sneak in a few miles in between the afternoon and evening sessions. Today’s plan called for 7, but I could only manage half of that with tired legs and a short time window. On the plus side, I finally go to cross the newly reopened Highbridge aqueduct bridge that connects Washington Heights to the Bronx. A very cool structure and park. 3.5 total miles. 

Saturday, 3.19 – Long run! Straight down the Hudson River Greenway from my house down to 34th and back. Taking Friday off helped get my body in the conditions to be able to keep a 9:19 average pace. Or maybe there’s something to be said for running first thing in the morning before you have a chance to be tired out by the rest of your day… 12 total miles.

Sunday, 2.21 – Shake out 5.2 miles on an overcast day. Average pace 8:54.

Weekly total: 30 miles

A Minnesota girl living in New York City. I'm a middle school teacher (by choice!), runner, bike commuter, traveler, and general do-er of things. My next goal is to change my finally crush my marathon PR of 4:01 to under 4:00.

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  1. Nice work getting in the miles! I love bridges, that new one sounds cool (I’m not overly familiar with NYC but I kind of understand where that is…haha)

  2. Thanks, Barley! One kind of under-the-radar thing that New York has going for it is the runs you can plan that involve bridges. This one was the most cool when you turn around and head back into Manhattan. There’s this old water tower on the leafy green cliffs of the Heights that make you forget that you’re in a gigantic city. Love those moments!