Honey’s Training Log for Grandma’s – 3.13

Image via Wikimedia Commons… and springtime!

During my runs this week, I have started to feel like my old self again. I am fitting in my training where I can, pushing myself enough to feel the effort in my legs the next day, and (the best part) my average pace times are dropping. I think the little crocuses and tulip shoots that I see coming up in the parks these days as we return to spring are an apt metaphor for the return of discipline in my training. Here’s how the week went.

Monday, 2.29 – Speed work at the Riverbank track. Russ and I upped our repeats this week to do 5 x 800 with 400 m recovery. I was really hurting by the end, but again somehow, my splits decreased with each interval. What sort of Garmin magic was that!? Average pace: 1 – 7:30, 2 – 7:27, 3 – 7:17, 4 – 7:13, 5 – 7:11.  4.4 total miles.

Wednesday, 3.2 – Temps hit the mid 70s in New York last week. That meant two days of running in shorts and a t-shirt. Glorious! Today’s went from my house south along Riverside Park. 6 total miles. Average pace 9:06.

Thursday, 3.3 – Another beauty of a night. Perfect for a spin around Central Park. Since this was my tempo run, I didn’t want to push my luck on the already rolling pavement in the park, so I skipped the steepest Harlem Hills by cutting across at the 103rd St. Transverse and added another pass along the 72nd St. Transverse. I was rewarded by an 8:45 average pace. 6 total miles. 

Friday, 3.4 – Uff-duh (as we say in Minnesota) did my legs feel last night’s effort. I talked myself through the last mile of that run by saying that if I made all 6 at tempo, I would give myself today off. I ended up going to a 90-minute yoga class instead of running. And two days later as I write this, I am still feeling the effects in my arms, back, and hamstrings. Cross-training, ftw!

Saturday, 2.20 – Long run! Up the Harlem River Greenway, across Northern Manhattan’s Dyckman Avenue, and back down along the Hudson River Greenway. One of my favorite loops. Getting speedier, but not too much for my LSD pace… 9:55. 8 total miles.  

Sunday, 2.21 – Shake out 6 miles on an overcast day. Average pace 9:12.

Weekly total: 30 miles

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