Honey’s Training Log for Grandma’s 2.29-3.6

It feels really good to have a goal to work towards again. Getting back on the horse and committing to running again is hard, and so is the realization that I have gotten waaaay slower in my, shall we say, recreational months. But, like a good friend’s dating advice, my running still feels comfortable, even in its perfectly honest way of making me feel like I can do a whole lot better. This week was a wake up call regarding my pacing.

Monday, 2.29 – Speed work at Riverbank State Park track. After a little more than a half mile warm-up, Russ and I ran 4 half-mile repeats with a quarter-mile recovery in between. I used the interval feature on my Garmin. The first interval clocked in at 3:54, and that got down to 3:36 by the last interval. While I know it’s better to be consistent when doing intervals, I got some good information on how hard I can push my pace. This means that I can start my repeats at a faster clip next week. 3.6 total miles.

Wednesday, 3.2 – With my re-commitment to running, I finally went back to a (chilly) weeknight hash. The start was around Rockefeller Center, and we wound our way around East Midtown, the East River, and finally the East Village. I didn’t care about pace – just that I needed 6 miles tonight. (I’ll forget that I read Pimento’s article on running and alcohol and keep enjoying the post-run beers at the hash.)  6.12 total miles.

Thursday, 3.3 – Tempo run on the treadmill. I logged 6 miles. I thought I could sustain around an 8:30 pace, but toggling between 6.6-6.8 on the machine felt sustainable, which is more like 8:35-8:45. Again, this week is about finding my comfort zone and reminding myself that my body can in fact handle faster paces than my mind thinks it can. 6 miles.

Friday, 3.4 – Today was supposed to be another easy 6, but I ran an easy 5 at the gym because I knew I

Does my tutu distract you from the fact that I'm a heel striker? One more thing to think about this training cycle.
Does my tutu distract you from the fact that I’m a heel striker? One more thing to think about this training cycle.

would be participating in a track event later that night. The New Balance Armory in Upper Manhattan hosts an event series called “Night at the Races” on about a monthly basis with a rotating menu of events. This night features a host of elite/collegiate events and for mere mortals, a mile and a 10-person 10k relay. I ran the mile at 7:08. Even though I knew I’m not back in top form yet, I was disappointed. But those feelings were quickly washed away by the ridiculous and entertaining chaos that is the relay. My hash team wore tutus as we tore up the track in the slow division, the last event of the night. Each member of the relay team ends up doing 5 laps of 200 meters by the end. With about a half dozen hand offs happening at any time and everyone madly sprinting, the energy is through the roof. It is one of my favorite silly races of the year. 6.75 total miles, some of which completed in a rainbow tutu (see right).

Saturday, 2.20 – Long run! 10 miles from our house, up around the Cloisters, down to Grant’s Tomb, and back. My VDOT calculator said that my easy pace should be 10:23. Today’s pace was a 10:43 average. Hey, I did it, and it felt good, and I did not feel broken the next day. I think it was good to play it safe. 10 miles.  

Sunday, 2.21 – Many of my friends ran the Washington Heights 5k this morning, and I helped out and indulged at a post-race brunch at Cinnamon’s apt. (Great job on the baked fritatta!) It was a gorgeous day, and the energy of the racers inspired me to push myself for my afternoon 6-miler. Average pace 9:09. 6 miles.

Weekly total: 38 miles

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