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Greetings Salty Nation! Allow me to introduce myself. I am a fun-loving thirty-something just trying to make ends meet doing things that I love and struggling to balance consistent training with my busy work life. I am a full-time corporate fitness specialist and a part-time running store employee, as well as a mid-pack racer with big aspirations of complete and utter age group domination, a social running enthusiast and a self-proclaimed running gear fashionista.  I have many varied interests including but not limited to laughing, trash talking, dance parties, color coordination, lattes, puppies, neon running shoes, and destination marathons.

I am lifelong North Carolinian, and I currently live in the great city of Durham, just across town from the mom of my surrogate Durham family who is also my running BFF, fellow Salty blogger and Oiselle Volee teammate, Saffron.

Here in Wasabi World running is the cornerstone of my social life, my favorite form of therapy, a glorious little reprieve from my ridiculously hectic daily grind, and more or less my religion. I run to save my sense of self from being swallowed up completely by my work life, and to remind myself that growth and improvement only come with hard work, which requires getting the hell out of your comfort zone. And above all, I run because there is no other place that feels more like home than my lovely little running community.

This will be the first of many synchronized jump shots you will see of me. (That’s me in the middle and Saffron in the orange!)

I am incredibly motivated and inspired by the brilliant, sassy, delightfully inappropriate, generous, kind, hilarious friends who I am blessed to get to run with nearly everyday. They are the reason that I drag my weary arse out of bed before dawn nearly every single morning, and I suspect that without them I would probably just be a blob sitting on a couch somewhere  missing out on all of the great benefits of running entirely.

My running life began in high school, where a small helping of general fitness and/ or running talent plus putting a medium amount of effort into training and practices were good enough to make me one of the more decent runners on my track team. I rather enjoyed being a slightly bigger than average fish in a very small pond, and although my high school track and field career was not impressive enough to catch the eye of even the most humble small-time collegiate running program, it was enough to teach me the value of regular physical activity.

With this new found zeal for exercise in hand, I went off to college where I went on to become the captain of the varsity elliptical team and a track team groupie. (Ok, so the varsity elliptical team isn’t a real thing, but did I get super into exercise, and for a while there I was all about the elliptical.) As my college years flew by, I continued running a couple of miles a few days a week mostly in effort to relate to my track team roommates and to maximize my time spent outdoors in beautiful, magical Boone, NC.

Ahhh! High school!
Ahhh! High school!

Shortly after college I found myself signing up for a half marathon. I’m pretty sure I did it in hopes of impressing and maybe even someday keeping up with the runner dude who was my boyfriend at the time. Although forever was not in the cards for me and Mr. Speedy Runner Guy, running and I have been in a happy and committed relationship ever since.

Since that fateful half marathon running has taken me across the country and the world experiencing and accomplishing things that my high school track team self never dream I would be capable of. The friends that I have made and the life lessons I have learned as a runner define the person that I am today, and I am pleased to inform you that this person someone pretty awesome who I feel good about being. I could be more excited to share my running adventures, tales, of hilarity, and opinions with all of you fabulous Salty readers!

Happy trails!


Mid-pack racer and social running enthusiast. Full-time fitness specialist and part-time running store employee extraordinaire. Certified running gear fashionista and lover of laughing, lattes, and color coordination.

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  1. Welcome aboard! So excited that we get to blog together about our fave topic (no, not JT and Jimmy Fallon’s History of Rap…) RUNNING!