Hello Molasses!

My homemade sign fell apart after I ran in the rain :(
My homemade sign fell apart after I ran in the rain, but the run left me smiling!

Hello esteemed readers of Salty Running – I bow to your dedication, your courage, your enthusiasm, and your love of running. I’m Molasses, and I’m here because you inspire me to be better, and I want to do the same, because I owe you that.

How do you inspire me? Because you are the lady that I see running around my central Texas neighborhood at 6:30 PM, when it’s 104 degrees outside, because that’s the only time you can fit it in. You are the woman who goes for a jog at 5:30 AM, when I haven’t even thought about getting out of bed yet. You are the mom just getting back to walking after bringing your wonderful little new life into the world, and I see you watching the runners wistfully, and I know you’ll get back to where you were, in time. You are looking for advice, support, information, entertainment, or anecdotes about running that actually apply to you, and you’ve come here to find them. That‘s how you inspire me, Salty Runner.

I started running as a slightly chunky, more-than-slightly immobile 14-year old. I couldn’t run a single lap around the track when I joined the high school cross country team, so my coach taught me to “shuffle,” and she shuffled around the track with me that first practice. I’ve always been a give-the-middle-finger-to-the-status-quo type of person, so when my mom saw how tired, achy and sore I was from practice and ensured me that it was okay to give it up, I pushed harder, and was captain of the varsity team by the time I graduated.

I’ve taken long breaks from running, when life was exceedingly easy and my metabolism was still fast enough to make up the difference. But any time I’ve needed a friend, a constant, something to depend on, something that would constantly say “you can” and “you are,” running’s been there. Now, many long years later, I’m a mother of two teenagers, a cat, three dogs, two chickens, and a tortoise that will outlive and outweigh me, the wife of a semi-pro kayak angler, and the keeper of all things chocolate or coffee in my house. In my spare time, I’m a full time (+) project manager at an environmental consulting firm. Now, running is my selfish indulgence, and I can be quite selfish!

It’s nice to be here, with all of you fine folks. My husband long ago tired of listening to me tell him just how I felt at mile (insert distance here), or what route I took, or which neighbors I said hi to, or how sore my calves were, or what I listened to while I ran, or how many times I got chased by zombies during my last long run…and now the cat’s getting tired of hearing about it, too. So I figured I would tell someone who might find it interesting, entertaining, or even useful or inspiring.

I figured I would tell you!


A 30-something runner striving to hit that ever-elusive BQ. Mother of two young teens, fan of fantasy/fiction/sci-fi (<-read: geek), with a fascination for tortoises and a love of the outdoors.

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