Greatest Women’s Running Blog: Green Division, Round One

Which nominees will win round 1 of the Green Division?

In the third set of Round 1 match ups for the Greatest Women’s Running Blog of All Time, we have the Green Division. The eight blogs in this region range from incredibly popular to incredibly fast to incredibly passionate about the sport.  This division has fewer flashy graphics than others, but they prove the old adage that content is king.

Which ones will make it past the first round of competition? You decide!



(1) Hungry Runner Girl vs. (8) Mom Against the Marathon

Hungry Runner Girl – She’s fast! She lives in Utah. She’s a mom of one little girl. She likes to eat and she’s an immensely popular blogger. She’s open and honest, friendly, fun and she’s chasing down a sub-3 marathon, which will be hers very very soon, we think!


Mom Against the Marathon – Meggan is a super speedy Canadian living in the deep South. She’s a mom of one with number two due this summer! She holds a 2:49 marathon PR, but after suffering a back injury switched to the trails. She’s represented her home country at the World Mountain Running Championships – so cool!


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(2) Ann’s Running Commentary vs. (7) Runnin’ From The Law

Ann’s Running Commentary – Ann’s a gifted writer who stumbled into her running blog, but she never disappoints. Her writing is technically great, offering up wise training tips, but she also shares her own experiences to make the reader feel like she (or he) is running along having a great conversation with her. If you’re looking for a great read, this is it!


Runnin’ From The Law – Cindi started running as a way to cope with the stress of her job. As a lawyer and single mom, she has plenty of it! Twelve marathons later, it is safe to say that she is hooked and we’re hooked on her blog!


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(3) Pace of Me vs. (6) The Runner’s Plate

Pace of Me – Virginian Jessica is a mom of three. Before she had kids, she ran 5 hour marathons. After her third child was born, she buckled down, qualified for Boston and now holds an impressive 3:14 marathon PR. She’s also a Pilates instructor and a running coach, and spreads her love of running and fitness through several ambassadorships as well as her very popular blog.


The Runner’s Plate – Native Minnesotan farm girl, but now a loan officer residing in Anchorage, Alaska, Michelle is a serious runner who’s run Boston and won a marathon! She’s also a self-described health nut. On her popular blog, she writes about her training, running in Alaska, married life, favorite recipes and her beloved dog ,Sadie.


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(4) Ariana Hilborn vs. (5) Twenty-Six & Then Some

Ariana Hilborn – Ariana is an elite marathoner now training with the team she started in Arizona, The Sedona Distance Project. She went from a 4+ hour marathoner to qualifying for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials with a ‘A’ standard in an incredibly short time and uses her blog to share her training tips, insights and inspirational experiences with all of us as she goes for it in 2016!


Twenty-Six  & Then Some – New Oregonian Page shares her swimming, biking and running adventures as she explores her new surroundings. Whether she’s hitting the trail, the road (she’s got a low 3:00 PR in the full) or in tri-adventure mode (she’s got an Ironman under her belt), Page’s pictorials and musings on sports, racing and life are always must-reads.


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Southern transplant who loves 90s boy bands, outdoor adventures and college basketball, although not necessarily in that order. Recovering running perfectionist.

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