Greatest Women’s Running Blog: Blue Division, Round One

Which nominees will win Round 1 in the Blue Division?

We’re down to our final region of the first round – the Blue Division! This Division has the usual range of super popular blogs to a few diamonds in the rough. We have moms, more Olympic Trials qualifiers and this competition’s only ultra girl (what’s up with that? Ultra girls too busy running  a bazillion miles a week to blog, we guess!) No matter which blog you vote for, we know it’s gonna be a good one.

Happy voting!




(1) Matters of Course vs. (8) See Red Run

Matters of Course (Running Hutch) – Tiffany – better known as her alter-ego “Hutch” – is a marathoner and ultrarunner who blogs about her fitness-focused, sustainable life in California. Besides running, Hutch is a CrossFit trainer and shares adventures from her kitchen, where she and her husband strive to eat “close to earth”. Matters of Course also features slices of Hutch’s life and product reviews and giveaways.


See Red Run – Caitlin, a newlywed and 2:40 marathoner,  chronicles her training and racing exploits. This North Carolina redhead ran cross country and track at the Division I level. She sealed a spot in the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials, and has already punched her ticket to the 2016 Trials!


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(2) Mile Posts vs. (7) Heidi Jo Green

Mile Posts – Dorothy is a lot of things: a mother of three, 26-time marathoner, small business owner and coach. Her blog reflects all of these roles as she discusses triple stroller training runs, race reports and reviews, product giveaways and slice-of-life type posts. You may recognize Dorothy from her stint on the cover of Women’s Running.


Heidi Jo Green – This certified personal trainer is seriously speedy. This former North Dakota collegiate tracklete is now a Oiselle high flyer and an Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier living with her doctor hubby in Cleveland. She spends her blogging time writing about her training and racing, of course, but also has plenty of posts addressing the mental side of performance! Her tag line? “At the end of the day it’s entirely up to you who you want to be.” Definitely a Salty kinda girl!


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(3) RunWiki vs. (6) Dirt Diva

RunWiki – Lisa is a 44-year-old mama of three kids under eight (including a set of twins) and is married to a U.S. Navy Diver. This marathoner loves to blog about running, food, gear and just life in general. Oh and, as Lisa puts it, she has a slightly raunchy and dark sense of humor.


Dirt Diva – Catra shares a look into the lifestyle of a vegan ultramarathoner; if you love trail porn, you’ll love reading Dirt Diva!  The California-based runner lists 100 miles as her favorite distance, having done it 101 times, and lives an extremely healthy lifestyle, having been in recovery from drugs and alcohol for decades. Catra’s positive attitude shines through on her blog, as does her love for her dog Truman, hiking and all-around adventures!


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(4) The Run Within vs. (5) Picky Runner

The Run Within – Recent college grad Alex blogs about her running adventures in the nation’s capitol as she learns to balance her growing career, running, volunteer commitments and more. Alex has Celiac’s disease and shares gluten-free snack ideas. Oh, and she serves all of this up with a nice healthy dose of sarcasm.screenshot32

Picky Runner – Sarah is a former competitive swimmer who turned to running after  injury.  A Maryland college senior, she had a stint on her school’s cross country and track teams, but now focuses on longer races. Sarah is recovering from an eating disorder and blogs honestly about her process.


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Southern transplant who loves 90s boy bands, outdoor adventures and college basketball, although not necessarily in that order. Recovering running perfectionist.

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    1. Good luck! I think I speak for all the Salties when I say that one of the best parts of organizing the bracket was learning about some great new-to-us blogs.