Ginkgo’s Training Log 12.30.12

Unfortunately, this week I was hit further with sickness. I felt under the weather last week, and I think my body was thoroughly trying to shake it off, until it hit hard again…this time on Christmas Eve. With all the family gatherings, shopping and likely germ-infested malls, I’m not too surprised that my body decided to take a little vacation and give in to the sickness. Started with a sore throat, turned into achy joints and feverish sweats and ended with lots of congestion and a nasty lil’ cough. I’m still dealing with the coughing, but all in all, I’m finally started to feel better. Needless to say, my training this week was offset with this little surprise, and I’ve limited my running to give my body the best shot at beating it. I’ve tried to stay inside, too, thinking the cold air probably wouldn’t be best. So, here’s what I’ve got:

Monday: 2 miles in the morning (at the future in-laws house before a gluttonous (but darn delicious!) brunch at Your’s Truly in Hudson).

Tuesday: Merry Christmas! Took Otto on a 2 mile jaunt around my childhood neighborhood before heading to church with the whole family.

Wednesday: Too sick to run.

Thursday: Tried the ol’ “sweat-it-out” philosophy and did 3 miles on the treadmill to try to break the fever. I think it actually helped to get the blood flowing.

Friday: 35 minutes on the elliptical.

Saturday: 4 miles on the treadmill

Sunday: 5 miles on the treadmill before heading to the Transiberian Orchestra at Nationwide Arena!

So, all in all, a week filled with sickness, but lots of celebrating, family, friends, faith and fun, too!


In my “A Christmas Story” footie pajamas on Xmas morning! Yes, I act like I’m two sometimes.

I'm a new momma, full-time non-profiter, and coffee lover. I write about healthy body image, half marathon training, and recovery from eating disorders. I'm currently training to maintain fitness throughout the winter and break 1:27:00 in my next half marathon.

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