Ginger’s Training Log – 9-1-13

This week was a down week but a little bit more down than planned due to some heel and calf pain. My heaviest of days are behind me but I have two more weeks of quality that I want to get in. This pain scares me a bit but the fact that I was able to tackle it yesterday and get it back to a manageable level lessens the anxiety. I also have an ART appointment this Wednesday that was pefectly planned.

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My right heel has always been a crutch and it stems from stiff calves. I let the stretching slide a little and it caught up to me. What works? The Sock and a good ol PVC pipe. I wear The Sock at night and roll it up and down and back and forth throughout the day. It works better than a foam roller in my opinion.

How the week played out:

Monday: 33 minutes recovery run. Felt pretty crappy after Sunday’s double long run.

Tuesday: Off. Hadn’t had an off day since August 2nd so this was much needed. At this point my heel was feeling good.

Wednesday: 73 minutes on road and trail. Slow to start but felt real good by the end.

Thursday: 53 minutes after dinner at Olive Garden. Slow as ever but a proud accomplishment to run without any discomfort!

Friday: 60 minutes easy with 5 strides afterwards. I was starting to feel the heel after this one.

Saturday: 10 minutes then cut the run as the heel was as hard as a rock. Biked 20 minutes at night though with James on his run.

Sunday: 60 minutes easy. Cut my planned long run in half to keep things under control.

Total: 4 hours 39 minutes

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