Ginger’s Training Log – 6-24-12

My recent travels abroad are over for now and I am back home. Quite surprisingly, it feels good to be home. But my trip was not without its own unique adventures. Sneak peak: it involves a stolen suitcase, a British wedding, and Jesus. I shall share my running abroad experiences later this week but for now, I’ll leave you all with a brief recap of my miles as I am feeling quite jet-lagged. And I still need to do my long run tonight.

We did a lot of waiting in airports this weekend.

Sunday: 10 miles long, much of it on hard-packed sand

Monday: 3.5 miles tempo in the form of keeping up with a bunch of former collegiate men on their easy day

Tuesday: 3.2 miles easy and achy

Wednesday: 2.5 miles in my t-shirt, jeans, and regular bra. It was a tight squeeze to fit in something.

Thursday: 8 miles with 27 minutes of fartlek training. Starting to feel like I’m back in the shape I was before the injury.

Friday: 8 miles easy, ran a bit longer than I wanted to because James and I got lost.

Saturday: Off. Our initial flight was delayed so we missed our connecting flight to Cleveland. By the time we arrived at the hotel that United Airlines so kindly put us in for the night, we had been up for 23 hours. Sleep won over running.

Total: 35.2 miles running and quite a bit of walking as well. I managed to run 25 miles last week, reaching my mileage goals for the trip.

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