Ginger’s Training Log – 4-26-15

The mileage continues to grow and this week I got to practice pacing, fueling, and managing general jitters at a 10 mile race on Saturday. I am very pleased with my training thus far, particularly because I am remaining healthy as the mileage increases. I’ve been keeping the intensity a bit on the lower side compared to previous training programs so I think that is helping as well as continuing to do strengthening exercises every night.

The scene from Saturday.
The scene from Saturday.

Monday: 6 miles easy at night with James on the (muddy) golf course.

Tuesday: 6 miles with 4 x 1 mile repeats (1 minute rest in between). The goal was to do the first two at 7:30 pace and then pick it up a bit for the last two. I did this on the treadmill as I couldn’t find an open track and it was quite windy. I ran 7:30, 7:30, 7:22, and 7:19. This just might have been my best workout of this training cycle on the focusing front. I felt in control the entire time and felt like I could keep going. The short rest was not an issue this time. I also did weighted squats after the workout.

Wednesday: 8 miles steady on the treadmill again and core work. I was a freeze baby but I also used the run to watch the course video a few times as well as YouTube videos of women racing for inspiration.

Thursday: 6 miles easy outdoors. It was pretty cold and I was pretty cranky.

Friday: Off/rest but did some core work.

Saturday: 14 miles with 10 mile race. My instructions from coach were to run by feel, with the first half at a controlled pace and to pick things up a bit during the second half. I ran with the Garmin but realized the battery was low before the start so I just went off the clocks on the course (which seemed a bit off). This made my pacing a bit tricky but I did follow instructions and was surprised when I later found out that I negative split the workout (7:42 pace for the first half, 7:32 pace for the second half).

The first 4 miles of the race felt very easy and controlled. I was waiting patiently to make a move and I think I went just a tad too early around mile 4.5 due to excitement. Around mile 8-9, I struggled a bit but finished strong. Having a downhill finish helped but more so, I tried to recover mentally from the feeling of negativity toward the end. I ran 76:07 for the workout.

Sunday: 6 miles easy outdoors and upper body strength training.

Total: 46 miles

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