Ginger’s Training Log – 3-29-15

We’re just moving right along. Salty posted this article on our Facebook page on Saturday and I found it very encouraging for my current and long term goals. One thing that stood out was the idea that consistency sure does pay off but that it is not easy to maintain when we’re not all paid to run. However, it is possible and this year I have felt like I have come closer to finding my sweet spot with balancing training and everything else in life. Part of this is learning how to say no and set better boundaries. My weekends have become my time to train, rest, and refuel. It also helps that my work schedule is consistent. In the past, I had careers that featured odd and often unpredictable hours. This made my running suffer. The current routine I have going on is stable and conducive to training.

My obligatory Instagram training photo for this week.
My obligatory Instagram training photo for this week.

The goal for my upcoming marathon is to compete for the win. By many standards, the odds are stacked against me. I am still training at low mileage and I do not have experience racing a marathon. So while it’s a long shot, I’m training as if I have a chance to win. For instance, I was starting to feel sluggy this week and got a late start to my tempo on Thursday. Thoughts of not doing it tempted me but I told myself that if I expect to be a champion, how was I going to do so with such an attitude? I acknowledged the anxiety and just started running. It ended up being my best workout to date.

This upcoming marathon is just the beginning to my future in competitive running. And to that, I am very excited.

Monday: 4 miles on the treadmill watching the course video and then doing core work.

Tuesday: 4.7 miles with 4 x 1000 meter repeats on a rolling route with 90 seconds rest. My goal pace was 7:00-7:10/mile. This was one of the quicker paces of the training cycle so I was a little nervous. I took it out right under 7 minute pace (4:20). This set me up nicely for working on focusing. I ran 4:22, 4:33 (featured a long incline), and 4:23. On the long incline, I was able to focus going up but found that I struggled with recovering after the incline.

Wednesday: 3.5 miles easy on the treadmill and leg work. I also studied the course again.

Thursday: 8 miles with 6 miles at 7:54 pace. The goal was half marathon pace plus 10 seconds. I started right at 8 minute pace, got down to 7:55s, and ended with a 7:49 and 7:44. The 7:49 was on the same long incline from Tuesday’s workout so I got to take another stab at recovering from a climb. This time went much better.

Friday: Off from cardio. I did do core work and I also walked a little on the treadmill in an effort to get in my 10,000 steps for the day. My Fitbit so kindly points out that on my off days, I’m only doing about 3,000 steps for the entire day. I figured that continuing to move even on my days off is beneficial all around.

Saturday: 14 mile long run. BRRR! I got off to a slow start mainly due to it being so cold and me being so crabby. James joined me at mile 4 though and that helped. 9s and sub 9s felt very easy. This was the longest run I’ve done in quite some time. They’re only going to get longer from here on out!

Sunday: 3 miles easy on treadmill and upper body work (including pull up drills). No complaints. This upcoming week is going to be a slight down week before we get into the 40s (I’m hoping not only with mileage but the weather too!).

Total: 37.2 miles

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