Ginger’s Training Log – 12-28-14

When training is going well, it’s easy to overlook the need for days off or even down weeks. Such has been the case for me since November. As I was building up my mileage, I failed to notice that I kept increasing week after week without any down weeks. Nine weeks have since passed and that nagging Achilles pain was nagging a lot more this week. At this point, it is not a full blown injury but it’s become something I’ve had to manage. So instead of managing it while I run, I figured it would be smarter to take a few days off, cross train, ice, and take some ibuprofen for the next two weeks.

As hard as it is to take some time off from running, especially during a training cycle, I know it’s for the best. I’m eyeing a June marathon, my biggest goal for 2015. I would much rather take some time off now than pay for it in the middle of marathon training, risking not being able to run at all.

For the next two weeks I will either cross train or run lightly, hoping that in a week or so, I won’t have any pain there. Most of the pain is due to inflammation and so RICEing it is the best treatment. I also have an ART appointment scheduled in there as well. My new goal is to be able to start running consistently again by January 12th. At that time, James and I will be on a cruise in the Caribbean and it would be nice to run for fun that week in the bright sun. If it doesn’t happen, oh well. I will still enjoy relaxing.

On the weight front, this week was a bit challenging with all of the holiday food. However, it was successful. I focused on not denying myself anything. Instead, I kept my portions small. It felt a lot better not eating until bloated. At the same time, it was hard because I tend to associate the holidays with over stuffing myself as a way of celebrating. With practice, things will get better. For my first time around incorporating these new methods though, I was pleased.

Highlights from Christmas 2014.
Highlights from Christmas 2014.

Monday: 4.5 at 8:53 pace outdoors with James and Chris.

Tuesday: 5 miles at 9:06 pace on the treadmill after the Cav’s game with my sister, which included a ballpark hotdog for dinner. Yum!

Wednesday: 3 miles easy at night solo after Christmas Eve festivities. The Achilles pain became more dull after this run so I started listening to it.

Thursday: 3 miles easy at night with James after Christmas festivities. I basically ran for a holiday calorie burn but the Achilles was talking so I decided that it was time to bag up the running for the rest of week. However, there was some good news that day. My uncle had me in our family gift exchange and surprised me with a pair of Nike Frees! He didn’t even know these are one of my favorite shoes. It was a nice surprise and these shoes are great on the Achilles area.

Friday: 14.5 miles on the stationary bike. Another easy calorie burner. This took about an hour and felt therapeutic. Or so I tell myself as it can be pretty boring. I also did lower body strength training. The Achilles was feeling a little better on this day, too. However, inflammation was still there.

Saturday: 11 miles on the stationary bike (45 minutes). Still boring but getting used to it. Usually I swim when I am cross training but I don’t have access to a pool now. The ellipitcal and row machine seem like they would be hard on my Achilles so stationary bike it is. I guess it’s ok. If it were warmer, I’d be outside cycling. Through my Fitbit though, I discovered that cycling burns more calories than a 3-4 mile easy run! Achilles pain also felt like it was reduced to half of what it was earlier in the week.

Sunday: 11 miles on the stationary bike (50 minutes) plus upper body strength training. Achilles pain continues to lessen.

Total:ย 15.5 miles running, ย 36.5 miles on the stationary bike

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