Ginger’s Training Log – 11-9-14

We joined a new gym this past week. It's right down the street and open 24/7!
We joined a new gym this past week. It’s right down the street and open 24/7!

Welcome to week 2 of my second round of the Smart Coach Training Plan for a 5k. One thing I did differently this week is slog/jog on the suggested off days. James runs at night due to his work schedule and circadian rhythm. Some nights I will drive (or bike if it’s warm) but this week I decided that it might be a better to jog with him. He likes to go long and slow and so I would consider it my slog training (i.e. cross training) days. Not only does that give me some extra mileage but it does help for getting used to running more each week, which is something I did in the past but I’ve since become stubborn about it. As a result, I hit 36 miles this week, which is my highest mileage total in almost 2 years. It feels good to be getting back up there.

Monday: 4 miles at 9:22 pace.

Tuesday: 5.7 miles with 4 x 800 workout. I was able to get to the outdoor track for this. However, it was rainy and chilly, character building for sure. The suggested pace was 3:19. I have not done any 800 work since the late summer so I used the first two to ease into it (3:24, 3:27). On the last two, I was able to get down to the pace (3:20). One thing I discovered is that I tend to struggle/fall asleep/give in to discomfort in the middle of each repeat and the middle of each workout. I hope to work on improving this thinking error. For instance, when the workout started, I felt like I could go faster but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to hold the pace for the entire workout. I think I can learn how to change that mindset and experiment more with pushing through. If I can’t maintain the pace, oh well. But it serves no purpose to hold back so that last two can be at pace.

Wednesday: 4 miles easy slog jog with James and our friend, Chris. While they added some extra miles, I found a baseball in a field and proceeded to pitch against a fence like I used to do as a kid. Except this time it was 11pm and I am 31 years old. Don’t forget to embrace your inner child every once in a while! I kept the ball by the way.

Thursday: 3 miles at 8:50 pace on the treadmill at the new gym. Also did leg strength training and ab work.

Friday: 3.3 mile easy jog with James on part of his run.

Saturday: 13 mile long run at 8:50 pace. I had to take a bathroom break at 9 miles which made for getting back out there a challenge but I was able to and continue at the suggested pace. All of my splits were even, even though there were quite a few inclines on this run. This was an improvement from last week’s long run. I wasn’t as bored and I felt stronger.

Sunday: 3 miles at 8:49 pace on the treadmill with upper body strength training and ab work after the run. I felt fine during the run which was encouraging considering it was after a long run and also topping out my highest mileage week in a long time.

Total: 36 miles

I write about mindfulness, mental health, and the professional sport of running with the occasional poking fun at the sport. When I am not running, I'm either helping people as a counselor or trying to make them laugh as an amateur open mic comedian.

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