Garlic’s Training Log 9.28.14

I started off the week with some good news from my sports podiatrist: the foot injury I thought was a Morton’s neuroma turned out to be a bruised third metatarsal head.  I really feel like I dodged a bullet, particularly in light of the struggles some of my fellow Salties are currently negotiating.  It was a reminder to take very good care of my feet, and I picked up some excellent tips regarding Morton’s neuroma and foot care in general from some of the commenters on last week’s log – thank you!  Over the course of this week I’ve babied my foot, avoiding barefoot walking and using a new shoe liner in my sneakers when I run and walk, and the injury has improved without much interruption in my training.

My training this week also brought about some great discussion with Coach Cathy about pacing, how much effort to put into workouts, learning how to run negative splits, and putting the joy back into my long runs.  I’ve been struggling with going out too hard in workouts (both tempo runs and intervals) and then fighting to complete them, and the long run has been a huge challenge for me for many months now, so it was good to talk through some of these issues and start to work on figuring out solutions with my coach.

Monday: 6 Miles easy

Tuesday: Podiatrist visit: Good news – no neuroma!.  Workout: 4 miles – 1.5 mile w/up, strides, then  2*(4*400@pe 8) with 90 sec rest, 3 min rest between sets.  0.5 mile warmdown.  Set 1: 82, 84, 84, 84/Set 2: 88, 87, 86, 84.  This workout was rough on me.  I ran the first set faster than I should have, and had a very difficult time with the second set.  For the last two reps I was able to settle in and run a bit more relaxed (=faster), but running the workout this way made it a huge effort for me and I was literally gagging during the cool down because I was so tired.  It ruined me for the next two days, and we had to move my next planned workout from Thursday to Friday to give me more time to recover.

Wednesday: 40 min easy aqua, core, hip mobility

Thursday:3 miles on TM – after mile w/up, every other minute at a p.e. of 6.5.  This was basically a strategy/debriefing session with Coach Cathy; we talked while I ran on her treadmill because I wasn’t recovered enough to run the workout we had planned.

Friday:6 Miles – incorporated 5 X 20 second strides in first 1.5 miles and then ran 3 X 3 minutes at a p.e. of 7.5 with a 1min. jog recov and then 3 X 1 minute at a p.e. of 8.0 with a 2 min jog recov

Saturday:7.3 miles – 60 minutes 1 mile p.e. of 5, 1 mile p.e. of 6.5 and repeated twice.  Running every other mile at a “plus pace” effort is part of a new strategy we are trying to make longer runs go better for me.

Sunday: 60 minutes of strength and core

Mom of three kiddos and a black lab, running enthusiast, sports-med-doctor-in-training. I love the science and sport of running and all things related.

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    1. Yes, perceived exertion. I put the scale my coach uses a few logs ago, but I should probably put it every time as I know not everyone reads every log every week. Here’s what it is:
      A p.e. scale of 1 through 10 simplifies the idea further. Here’s a 1-10 scale.

      1 = very, very light effort or the slowest of jogs.

      5 = your “smile time” easy, average pace of your middle distance runs.

      6.5 = a “plus” pace – a little faster than usual (good for returning to speed)

      7.0 – 7.5 (70 -75% of maximum effort) = comfortably hard efforts, slightly faster than your “smile time” easy runs. These efforts will be used for tempo runs described below.

      8.0 – 9.0 (80-90% of max effort) = hard efforts (for longer intervals). Longer intervals are series of repeated runs that last from 30 seconds to about 4 minutes. These intervals are interspersed with periods of rest or slow jogging.

      9.0 – 9.5 (90-95% of max effort) = very hard efforts (for repetitions). Repetitions are very short, repeated runs that are shorter than intervals. Repetitions last from about 20 seconds to about 2 minutes each. Like intervals, repetitions are interspersed with periods of rest or slower running.

      9.5 and above = race efforts