Garlic’s Training Log 8.3.14

This week I turned 40 and entered the world of Masters running.  Two days before my birthday I ran my last race as a 30-something, the Yankee Homecoming 5K in Newboryport, MA, which was my goal summer race.  My race report is coming so I won’t go into details, but I was happy with the performance, ran a PR and won my age group, and actually did quite well in the overall standings.  Encouraged by the outcome of the race, the next day I got up my nerve and called the head coach of a competitive women’s team I’ve been thinking about joining for quite some time.  We had a good conversation and will be meeting next week, and I will likely join the team in September.  I’m excited about trying something new, hopefully taking my running to the next level, and I am also really looking forward to meeting other like-minded female runners in my area.

I was pretty tired after the hard effort of the race, so as far as training goes most of the week was recovery and easy running:

Monday: Easy run.  Warm-up: 14 min easy, 2*buttkicks, heel kicks, high knees, carioca.  4*strides (2 on grass, 2 on track).  Workout: 6 min easy, 2*10 sec hill sprints, 2*big skips.  Cool-down: AIF, primal rolling, get-ups, core routine, hip mobility routine.

Tuesday: Race.  Yankee Homecoming 5K, Newburyport, MA.  21:06.  First in age group F35-39, 17th woman out of 1123 overall.

Wednesday: A.M.  Recovery run.  2 miles easy, stretch.  P.M. Session with strength coach.  Lots of bodywork, mobility work and recovery conditioning work.

Thursday: Swim and self-care.

Friday: Easy run.  50 min easy.  Cool-down: AIF, core routine, hip mobility routine.

Saturday: Rest/self-care.

Sunday: 20 min easy, 2*strides, AIF.


Mom of three kiddos and a black lab, running enthusiast, sports-med-doctor-in-training. I love the science and sport of running and all things related.

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