Garlic’s Training Log 8.24.14

Great week of training, including my first workout with my new coach, which was a progression run.  We also picked a fall race to aim for, the Cambridge 5K on October 5th, and discussed some short-term goals for my fall training.  I have suspected for a while that my strengths are more on the spectrum of middle distance to sprint, and after reviewing my running history and doing a workout with me, my coach agreed that I seem to be more of sprinter than a distance runner.  So our goal for the next 6 weeks or so is to work on finding my best distance (probably either the mile or half-mile), in addition to building up my  strength and endurance with 5K training.  I feel extremely grateful to have found someone to coach me who seems interested in/excited about capitalizing on my strengths, and I am really looking forward to this next phase of training.

This was my week:

Monday: Track.  Warm-up: 20 min easy, drills, strides.  Workout: 2*[3*400m @ comfortably hard with 90 sec rest], 3 min rest between sets.  Set 1: 90, 86, 88.  Set 2: 88, 89, 91.  Cool-down: 8 min easy.

Tuesday: Bodywork/strength session.

Wednesday: Easy run.  4 miles easy, strides, core, hip mobility.

Thursday: Progression run (coached workout).  Warm-up: 1.5 miles easy, drills, strides.  3 miles progressive: 11:24 for first 1.5 miles, 11.19 for second 1.5 miles, 22:43 for 3 miles (7:20 avg pace).  Cool-down: 0.5 miles easy, stretch.

Friday: Core/hip mobility/self-care

Saturday: Long run.  85 min easy, with 1 min “plus pace” running every 8 minutes (approximately 10 miles total), stretch.

Sunday: Rest.

Next week: Vacation!  Off to Vermont first thing tomorrow – psyched for some scenic mountain runs!


Mom of three kiddos and a black lab, running enthusiast, sports-med-doctor-in-training. I love the science and sport of running and all things related.

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  1. Interesting. I am opposite and for some reason have more strength in long distances. Forget the 10k altogether! 🙂 I look forward to following your training and racing in the shorter / mid-range distances.

    Have a great vacation!

    1. I think it’s really cool that different people have bodies built to do different things, and it’s nice when you start to have clarity about what you’re good at – helps give you the focus to achieve success!