Garlic’s Training Log 5.25.14

The theme of training this week: lots of hills and sprints.  A fun, athletic week.  Here’s how it went:

Monday: Easy run.  Warm-up: 7 min easy, 2 min easy-moderate, 1 min moderate.  1*buttkicks, heel kicks, cross-overs, a-skips.  2*high skips, long skips.  4*bounding.  5*strides.  Workout: 3 miles easy.  8*10sec hill sprints.  Cool-down: core and hip mobility routines.

Tuesday: Hills.  Warm-up: 15 min easy on the track.  2*buttkicks, heel kicks, carioca, long skips.  4*strides.  Workout: Hill repeats 2*[4*1 min@moderate effort up 6-8% grade, downhill jog recovery].  5 min rest between sets of hill repeats.  Cool-down: 5 min easy jog, medicine ball circuit, hip mobility routine.

Wednesday: Rest/self-care

Thursday: A.M. Easy run.  Warm-up: 1 mile easy.  2*buttkicks, heel kicks, a-skips, b-skips, carioca, high skips, long skips.  4*150m in-n-out sprints on track.  Workout: 4 miles easy.  4*strides.  Cool-down: AIF, stretch.  PM: Session with strength coach.  PRI drills and shoulder, t-spine, hip and ankle mobility work.  Primal rolling.  Dynamic warm-up.  Squat pattern work (suspension, stability ball, kaiser machine, med ball).  3*Circuit: single-legged deadlifts with kettle bell, cable lift in half-kneel.

Friday: Long run.  9 miles easy.  AIF/stretch.  While still not an easy distance for me, it felt better today than when I ran this distance 2 weeks ago.  I was still pretty tired afterwards.

Saturday: Rest/self-care

Sunday:  Easy run.  Warm-up: 1 mile easy.  2*buttkicks, heel kicks.  Workout: 2 miles easy, 6*strides.  Cool-down: general strength/mobility cool down routine.

Mom of three kiddos and a black lab, running enthusiast, sports-med-doctor-in-training. I love the science and sport of running and all things related.

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  1. I love that you’re including the warmup drills, AIF, etc. So important! I keep track of that stuff too. It’s amazing just how much non-running work goes into building fast, durable runners.