Garlic’s Training Log 4.13.14

Photo Credit: BAA, The Boston Marathon
Photo Credit: BAA, The Boston Marathon

April in Boston!  Zeal for the Boston Marathon is sweeping through the area, and I am getting so excited to cheer on all my friends who are running this year.  I always camp out on Beacon St. around Mile 23 – first to catch sight of the elites as they go by, and then (an hour or more later) to see the folks I know and show them my support.  This year with the approach of the Boston Marathon also comes my first race of the season: The Race Against Extinction 5K on April 19th!  It will be my first race in more than 2 years, and I am eager to run it but also full of nerves as I truly have no idea how it will go.  I don’t have a specific time goal in mind, but I do want to use it to gauge my fitness after a winter of general strength and foundational work.  Since I no longer have a coach to tell me what to do in these kinds of situations, I polled my fellow Salty bloggers to get their thoughts about how I should approach it.  The nearly unanimous opinion was this: run as strong as possible for as long as possible right from the start, even if it means crashing and burning by the end.  The thought of this is scary for someone like me who is used to running longer races, where you live and die by the negative split.  But, since I have nothing to lose, I’m going to go for it!

Now on to this week’s training log:

Monday: Easy run outside.  6 minutes easy, form/power drills, 3 miles easy, 4*100m strides, 4*10 sec hill sprints.  Core work, hip girdle work.

Tuesday: Track workout.  1 mile easy, form drills, 2*100m strides.  Running circuit: 2*[5*3oom @ moderate effort with 4 general strength exercises performed between each 300m repeat].  0.5 mile jog cool down, then leg circuit, core routine, general strength/mobility cool down.  Man was I tired after all that!

Wednesday: Long walk with the dog and some self-care.

Thursday: What was planned: 6 min easy, form/power drills, 4*100m strides, 3 miles easy with last 4 min progressive, 4*10 sec hill sprints, core work, hip girdle work.  What actually went down: during the first of the 100m strides I felt pain/pulling at the top of my L quad.  I stopped right away and palpated and was able to feel a knot in the region of rectus femoris, so I worked on it with some self-myofascial release and it did start to ease up a bit.  Then, I jogged a flat, easy couple miles in the park next to the track to see if I could run it out, but I still felt some mild discomfort so I decided to take it in and call it a day.

Friday: I got in to see my chiropractor this morning and had ART to my L quad (which was already feeling better anyway) and both hip girdles.  Afterwards, did 3 miles easy outside and some light core and hip mobility work and all felt well.

Saturday: Long run.  7.5ish miles easy over rolling hills, 2*leg circuit, core routine, general strength/mobility cool down routine.

Sunday: Swim – no black eye this week!


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