Garlic’s Training Log 2/23-3/1/14

This is a time of transition for me with my running.  In late December, I parted ways with my coach of nearly 3 years, a tough and somewhat emotional decision, though I think the right thing to do.  I have enormous respect and regard for him and we had a good relationship, but for a number of reasons I just could never stay healthy enough while training with him to achieve any of my goals.  After I decided it was time to say goodbye, I took the month of January to decompress and let some chronic nagging injuries heal up.  This meant running without a plan and without paying attention to how much, how often or how fast I was running – I just ran as I felt when I felt like it as long as I felt good.  After a few weeks of doing this my outlook improved and so did my injuries, and I started to feel ready to map out a plan for where to go next with my running.

What I came up with is this: I decided I’m interested in working on the 5K distance.  I’m spending February, March and April re-building my base and making myself as bulletproof as possible by doing a lot of supplementary general strength and mobility work.  If all goes well, I will likely add some fartleks and progressive runs as part of this starting at the end of March, and some running circuits and hill sprints starting in April.  I have a race in late April, my “rust-buster”, which I’m doing to see where my fitness is and what kind of paces I should target when I start adding speed work and tempo runs, which I will hopefully begin in May.  I have another race in early June to mark my progress, and then my goal race is at the end of July.  I’ve been running only by effort and by time increments, not by distance or pace, so I’m not keeping track of miles or paces right now.

Of course, a slew of hiccups and curveballs is 100% guaranteed to happen (the nature of the beast!); case in point my week this week in which I contracted the GI bug that was cycling through my kids and was flat out with it on Wednesday and Thursday.  Plus I’m breaking in a new pair of orthotics that has made my right foot slightly niggly.  But anyway, here’s how it went:

Sunday: Outside run.  55 minutes easy over rolling hills.  Core work and hip girdle work.

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: At Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center.  20 minutes easy warm-up, form drills, barefoot 2*4 minutes easy, 2 strides.  Leg circuit, core work, hip girdle work.

Wednesday: Total derailment!  GI bug took me down.

Thursday: Still pretty ill.  Had to rest all day.

Friday: Finally some energy!  Outside run.  10 min easy warm-up, light form drills, 20 min easy, 2 strides.  Core work.

Saturday: Outside run.  30 min easy (planned to be 60 min but cut it short due to my foot feeling slightly off).  Leg circuit, core work, hip girdle work.

Mom of three kiddos and a black lab, running enthusiast, sports-med-doctor-in-training. I love the science and sport of running and all things related.

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  1. Awesome – I look forward to hearing about your training. I’ve considered training for the 5k distance several times, but have never taken the plunge. I hope you heal up well and have a great season.

  2. I’m aiming for similar goals: rust buster in early May, June 5k and then my goal 5 miler in mid-July. Let’s do it! Will definitely be interested in learning more about your supplemental work. I’m just continuing to work on my separated abs and I’ve added in balance drills and single legged squats (which should not be done the night before a hilly long run!) 🙂

    1. Fun! It will be great to compare notes!
      I do a ton of supplemental work. I have trouble tolerating high mileage so I have to get creative about keeping strong in other ways. Happy to chat about it anytime!