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The big day is finally here! Today, I start my attempt for the Women’s Supported Fastest Known Time (FKT) of the Collegiate Trail Loop. While this is a goal in and of itself, it’s also the first step in my efforts to prepare for my run across the United States in 2021.

As a reminder, this loop consists of the East and West branches of the Collegiate Trail. The East trail is the original Continental Divide Trail through Colorado, which has been re-routed to include more peaks and less roads, and joins with what is now called the Collegiate West Trail. Each is around 80 miles, making the total distance a little over 160 miles. As I mentioned in my last update, I’ll be starting on the East loop due to snow on the West branch.

Things have really come together over the past few days, and those unknowns that I was worried about earlier in the week have become more defined. I have support every day of the attempt, and will be joined by runners for days one and  four.

So, with those last few details ironed out, here we go! You can view live tracking of the attempt from the InReach MapShare page or view location updates by liking and following my Facebook page (@LauraParsonFKT).

Don’t forget that this attempt is to raise money for Girls on the Run (GOTR). Every dollar counts, so please consider donating – GOTR brings running, validation, and empowerment to girls across the USA and Canada, and your support makes that possible.

Please donate, follow, like, and share! Every engagement counts. Help us bring running and running shoes to every interested school and girl we can!

Ultrarunner, adventurer, academic, and feminist. Running Across the USA in 2021. I write about ultrarunning, adventuring, and the intersection of endurance athletics and life.

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