A #fatherrunner’s Guest Training Log

For a man, being a father and a runner don’t always go together. In fact, finding time for running together with a career, partner, and social life can be as challenging for a guy as getting all their kids buckled into the minivan without anyone having to go potty — you think you’ve got it all under control, until everything comes crashing down. Ladies, do you ever wonder how these supermen do it all? In this Week in the Life, a busy #fatherrunner tells us how he balances family, work, life, and running.

Monday – Never miss a Monday! 6 miles with the middle 4 at tempo. This one was tough – my wife left early for a business trip, I didn’t start running until after school and preschool drop-off, and by 8.30am it was already in the 80s and humid. Just kept grinding through. Also, I ran this one shirtless because it was so darn hot — be proud of the dadbod you’ve got! There is no shame in shirtless running. #shirtlesssquad #howbaddoyouwantit #hebelievedhecouldsohedid Then I headed in to work. I’m so lucky my work is flexible and family-friendly, they really support working dads so that I can go in 9.30-5 and make up the rest of the hours from home at night, after I’ve gotten the kids fed and in bed.

Tuesday – 5 miles with the preschooler in the morning to let my wife sleep in – she had a big meeting yesterday and a long day of work. The jogging stroller is really a dad’s best friend, and it makes you so much stronger. Work that core! Ugh, the kids were monsters at bedtime, though, it took me forever to get them down and I was so glad to finally sit on the sofa with WINE. Dads need wine, amirite? Got to watch my fave male comedian on TV before I crashed. Love his sass! He really shows the world that men can be funny too.

Wednesday – Met up with my crew of #fatherrunners for a quick 6×800 at the local high school track, plus 2 miles each warmup and cooldown. Boys’ night out afterward! I had a light beer and two nachos (after instagramming the whole plate, obvs). Our wives are such hands-on moms and even put the kids to bed every Wednesday night so we can get out for a track workout! Even if it means the kids have to eat fish fingers and pasta salad for dinner sometimes, and maybe don’t get as clean in the bath as I’d like them to…I’m fine with that. Moms just parent differently than we do, and that’s a-ok.

Thursday – Got up extra early to exfoliate before today’s #shirtlessquad 8 easy predawn miles before the kids woke up. A working dad’s got to do what a dad’s got to do, y’know? Wore my reflective running vest, because it’s all about safety in the dark. Felt great to get the miles in all before 6am. Next stop, coffee. My wife helped out with getting the kids off to school, which was super sweet of her. They love getting a little time with mom during the week! My heart just melts seeing her with the kids. Because of that, I had a little unexpected me time before it was time to head off for work, so I browsed Pinterest for crafting inspiration (I need to do something with all these unisex race shirts! Maybe I’ll make a quilt!) while sipping hot water with lemon to detox.

Friday – 6 easy with the little guy in the stroller. I just stick him in the stroller in his PJs, hand him a bagel and cream cheese, and go. It’s sweet – our neighbors are always full of praise for me about getting out there day after day and never letting myself go. I tell them I’m just doing what I can, when I can. (Well, there’s always that one older dad with the passive-aggressive comments and “well-meaning questions” about whether it’s safe to run with little ones like that and what my wife thinks about it. But I didn’t see him today.)

Saturday – Long run, 18 miles. I’m training for an upcoming marathon, and long run Saturdays are really my me time. Wife took the kids to the playground and grocery store so that I had a full 2.5 hours to myself! Then I did some chores and another grocery-store run with the kids, to get the stuff we actually need (I forgot to text her our grocery list), while my wife got in 18 holes at the golf course. That’s how I stay on top of the laundry; sometimes I even get the kids to help.

Sunday – I’m #soblessed. My wife got up with the kids and was such a big help around the house. I got to sleep in a little later than usual today and didn’t even get out of bed until after 6! Did a bit of strength work while the preschooler napped and the 6yo watched a movie on the tablet.

Happy Father’s Day! This post is satire (with minor apologies to @ManWhoHasItAll) and goes out to all the father runners who are actually involved spouses and parents*, and who just quietly get on with training as best as they can…

*without referring to it as ‘helping’, thank you very much.

Tropical transplant to the chilly Northeast. Professional writer and researcher, cantankerous editor, mom to two! inquisitive children, asker of inconvenient questions.

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