Eucalyptus’ Training Log 3.22.2014

I ran a pretty big PR in the 10K this weekend, and I have no idea what about my training made that possible! I was really excited but today (Sunday) my legs are absolutely dead. I slowed down my easy runs a little bit since I’ve been having really sore calves this week. Lots of ice baths and foam rolling and compression socks will hopefully make it better.

Sunday: 30 minutes easy (3.5 miles), or what I call a ‘loop of the trails’ which is exactly what it sounds like – a loop of our trails. I DNFed my 5K last Saturday and didn’t particularly want to run, but it was a beautiful day. This was my first longer run in my new Newtons (never wore them before.

Monday: 50 minutes (5.75 miles). The girl I usually run with wanted to run alone, so I went out by myself too. My team’s paces are a bit weird – some are really slow, the ‘main’ group runs just a little bit too slow for me, and the girl I usually run with runs too fast. So running alone at my own pace was actually nice. Followed by plyometric boxes, and I lifted before!

Tuesday: Track workout Tuesday in the snow/sleet/some kind of precipitation. 1.5 mile warmup, 3x2000m (8:30, 8:36, 8:39) w/ 2 minutes rest in between, and a 20 minute cooldown on the bike.

Wednesday: Aqua jogging. We actually did a workout – 10 min warmup, 3 sets of 3:00 hard/2:00 easy, 3 sets of 2:00 hard/1:00 easy, then 5 sets of :30 hard/:30 easy, and a 10 minute cooldown. I also lifted before and did abs after.

Thursday: 5 minute warmup, 25 minutes tempo, 5 minute cooldown.

Friday: Premeet day – 30 minutes easy, followed by 10 strides.

Saturday: Meet day! Super rainy, but lovely! I did a 12 minute warmup, ran a 10k race in 42:56, and cooled down for 30 minutes in the mud. It was lovely!

My legs are really shot this week and I am definitely glad I’m not racing this week!

Former collegiate coffee-fueled distance runner who loves track workouts.

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