Happy New Year! We’re Entering 2018 with Intention

Happy New Year from Salty Running!  We are so excited for another great year of running, community and empowerment. While not all of us are the resolution types, we have a big year planned for Salty Running and our Salties have some amazing running and racing goals they will be chasing down. To start the year with intention, we’re sharing our running goals for 2018.

Anise: There is but one…the BHAG…Ironman Louisville finish on October 14.

Chicory: I’m hunting down marathon PRs in hopes of eeking out an OTQ time before the end of 2019. That means adding strength training, being more mindful of hydration and nutrition, enforcing recovery (sleep, massage, Jasyoga), and, um, probably running more.

Avocado: Getting back to running slowly and steadily!

Wintergreen: Chasing a 10k PR — aiming for 36 something. 🙈 I’ll be focusing on proper nutrition and strength training — I’ve been referring to it as “Project Abs.”

Caraway: Lots of strength training and recovery stuff plus consistent training and we will see what happens…

Angelica: BHAG — I am looking to BQ in 2018. Two chances: Donna in February and Erie in September. My foot is healed. I’ve got a coach I trust. I’m building mileage successfully. So hoping for good things!

Mango: My 2018 is going to be seriously unambitious on the running front — my goal is to have kid #2. and then from there it’s a long haul back. Then, another well-executed marathon in late 2019 at the earliest? 2020? Something like that!

Sesame: Shooting for a sub-3 marathon (in a few weeks) and then it’ll be back to focusing on some shorter stuff (halfs, 10ks, etc.) this spring and then back to even shorter stuff (5k, 2 mile, 1 mile) over the summer. Looking for all the PRs basically!

Thyme: I want to continue getting as strong as possible in order to keep my hip injury at bay. From there, I hope, slowly building my mileage and getting back into decent racing shape!

Catnip: Get back to consistent 70+ mile weeks. I started a new Instagram for running only to try to build some daily accountability there.

Olive: Do something about my mental burnout! I probably (definitely) overtrained this year and need some more balance. I’d like to cut back on running and focus on strength training. And meet some running friends.

Pumpkin: My goal is to find more balance in life and take better care of myself. My big running goal for 2018 is to not make any running goals for 2018. I want to run when I want to because I enjoy it, and without expectations on weekly mileage or pace. If I run any races, it will be for fun, not for a goal. And also, basically I just need to get my sh*t together in life. I’ve hit a bump in the road and have had some personal struggles, and I want running to be therapeutic, not something that exacerbates the problem. 2018 is the year of better relationship with running AND with myself.

Barley: Consistency. Consistency in running, strength and recovery. Consistency in writing and taking a little downtime even if only a few minutes (more reading or writing during downtime and less mindless noise and social media scrolling). Consistency in doing things at home that help us have more family time (meal prep, day-to-day picking up and cleaning so it’s not all saved for the weekend). My hope is that the consistency can get me to a post-partum sub-3 and, even if it doesn’t, I’ll be more well rounded as a person and runner and that is a-ok by me.

Ginger: Continuing the trend above, in 2018 running will be all about maintaining a basic level of fitness, to relieve stress, be a form of movement to the day. If some desire appears to train for a race, then I’ll explore it but I’m ending the year enjoying running as a form of exercise, along with yoga, swimming and weight training.

Cardamom: My running goals are seriously unimaginative since I’m tackling the next obvious steps of sub-22 5K and 1:40 half marathon. Any fall marathon plans are on hold until I find out whether my role at work will be changing.

Oregano: Survive The Speed Project and run around Mt. Hood.

Turmeric: Figure out my new diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis so that in the fall I can run a fast marathon, and hopefully a shiny new PR!

Cinnamon: Get. Back. In. There. Return to marathoning with a vengeance by creating space for recovery. Enjoy the process through mindfulness. Make room for others in the practice of running by listening more, writing more and inviting friends to share training and racing.

Cilantro: I want to learn to live and train mindfully, which means running when my body feels like it and learning how to rest or run less when it doesn’t. My 2018 priorities are growing as a yoga teacher, building Salty Running, finishing my book, and getting back to Budapest. Running-wise, I want to run a 50 (Lake Martin) and a 100 with a “f*ckload of grace.”

It’s going to be a big year!

Research suggests that stating goals publicly helps with accountability and we are hoping that y’all will help to keep us honest.

We’d like to support you too!

What are your goals for 2018? Are you chasing down a big dream or just trying to make sure you’re taken care of the little things?

Ultrarunner, adventurer, academic, and feminist. Running Across the USA in 2021. I write about ultrarunning, adventuring, and the intersection of endurance athletics and life.

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  1. I’m with Angelica, shooting for a BQ this spring (it would be my first). I haven’t run a full since 2011, but I’ve done plenty of halfs. I’ve always thought of BQing as something that fast people do, but with my latest half times and turning 35 next year, I might just pull this off.

  2. Happy New Year! I set multiple choice goals so there are different ways I can succeed. My 2018 running goal is to average 35 miles per week OR run a 5k in under 20 minutes OR run a half sub-1:32. And if I achieve all of them that’s just unicorn farts awesome! Good luck everyone!