Don’t Miss This: Fellow Flowers Giveaway!

Great news, Salty readers! Today just might be your lucky day. It’s time for a Salty giveaway!!!

Today’s giveaway comes from my favorite makers of motivational running merchandise, Fellow Flowers.  One of our fabulous readers will win the following: (1) one motivational statement tee shirt; (2) two hair flowers; and (3) an assortment of motivational cards and magnets.  Sweet, huh?

Find out more about Fellow Flowers and how YOU can win after the jump!

One of my favorite statement tees.
Fellow Flowers calls their motivational tee shirts, statement tees. This is my favorite.
Each flower color represents a different concept. This is the green one that represents courage.
Here’s my favorite Fellow Flowers magnet.

Yes, very, very sweet!  But we know you may be asking, what is Fellow Flowers?

I am so glad you asked because I think you may just love them!  Fellow Flowers is a women-owned company that supports and encourages women runners through their line of hair flowers, shirts, cards and magnets. Their signature hair flowers are more than a cute accessory – each color flower symbolizes something. For example, the kelly green one symbolizes courage and the turquoise one symbolizes bravery.

[pullquote]We are a women’s running movement that honors, shares and celebrates the reasons behind why women run…because we believe that every woman has a story and every woman runs with a purpose.[/pullquote]

Fellow Flowers is more than just a company, as they state in their mission, they are a movement.  They support women in every endeavor, challenge women to set goals, and share beautiful stories of triumph, victory, hardship and success.

Girls on the Run Dane County Board of Directors at Fellow Flowers' Declare it Day 2014
Mint at Fellow Flowers’ Declare it Day 2014. To find out more about Declare it Day, click the photo.

Very empowering stuff.

So enter our giveaway, check out their web sitedetermine what color flower you are, and think about which sweet statement tee you’d love to win!  Also be sure to check out their Facebook page as they have a pretty amazing network of women runners.

To enter, simply tell us which Fellow Flower you are in the comments by noon EST on May 18.  We’ll select one commenter at random and will announce our winner on Monday, May 19.

Good luck, Salties!

Mindi is a serial marathoner. She is a private practice attorney, wife and mom of two awesome (and super fast) boys, ages 12 and 14. She coaches Girls on the Run and is a big advocate of youth running.

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  1. I’d say turquoise would be my first choice of color (their new one) or yellow. I have some aspects of all of them but I don’t look as good in all the colors.

    I’d probably go for the Commitment or the No Regrets tee.

    I’d probably get magnets instead of tees if I was buying for myself.

  2. I gotta say a giant flower is not something I’d wear (I’d be more likely to pick an appropriately colored hair tie for my ponytail 🙂 ). But I like the concept of having something to wear to remind you of your mantra. I’d definitely pick brave as “be brave and go for it” is something I’ve been working on lately.

  3. These are so cool! And hard to choose 🙂 I’m torn between white, red, and yellow. But I think I love yellow the most “I run because I get to.” So awesome.

  4. No Excuses! after dealing with injuries and other obstacles, I WILL finish my HM this weekend with drive, motivation and a smile!

  5. I’m blue…content…or fiercely striving to be! (Got the shirt at the Disney Princess Expo and have been IN LOVE with Fellow Flowers ever since!

  6. Strength “Love. Passion, commitment and spirit. Caring for the world around you. Bringing it – every damn day. It takes strength to do what you love.”

    This was the first shirt, flower and magnet that I bought from Fellow Flowers. I was obese my whole life and a year and a half ago I started running and my life has changed ever since.

    Courage is the flower and shirt I would like to get next “To persevere with humility. To breakthrough. To take the leap; to chase the dream. The burning desire to grow. Falling in love – with who you were meant to be. I was born to do this. I am going to start training for my first full marathon!

  7. I am definitely a Dreamer (white flower). As someone who is always excited about new risks and accept new challenges, there’s always something in me that never allows me to follow through, until one day I said enough of this and decided that in order to make my dreams a reality I needed to take risks and “embrace the challenge and welcome new beginnings.” And so I did, on March 23rd I put myself out there and I did it scared. Nonetheless, I ran through the fear of 13.1 miles to feel that amazing JOY at the end! It was an amazing feeling and I truly couldn’t have done it without my family and Fellow Flowers!! This is definitely, the dreamer in me!

  8. I have been loving turquoise’s meaning lately as I thing about trying another full marathon (after 3 out 4 awful marathon experiences) and I’d love the Yellow tee. Fellow Flowers is just amazing! #fiercelyunited

    1. I love that one too. We could all use a little more brave and believe in us. I hope you do move past the awful experiences and have a great one.

  9. I’m turquoise-Believe & Purple-No excuses….I just started running again 30 years later since my last race & after 2 surgeries !! I love the fellow flower statements !!! Great giveaway —!!

  10. I’m /Dark Pink/ ::Worthy:: with a little bit of /Black/ ::Rock Star:: thrown in for good measure.

  11. I love, love, love Fellow Flowers!! I honestly see myself in almost every single flower. However, if I have to choose just one right now, I’d go with turquoise – believe!

  12. Fierce-Hot Pink! Because I am worthy! Sometimes I pop the black Rockstar flower in when I’m going for that big PR! Love my FF ladies!!

  13. For my first race I wore /pink/ (gratitude) and ran for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. For my most recent I wore /black/ (rockstar) and crushed my PR goal. But for my next training cycle I will be /dark pink/ (worthy). To get to Boston I will need to be fierce and own my power!!

    Having the matching T-shirt will be a good rest day reminder!

  14. i am dark pink. fierce. i am fiercely loyal to my friends and family. i love the bloom message t shirt. i am a walker. these feet have carried me thru so much and keep in going.

  15. Definitely turquoise. It really speaks to me as a new runner in my 50s. It’s been my mantra as I approach my first 10K this weekend and as I train for my first half in the fall.

  16. My color is dark pink…. Because I am worthy!!! I’ve spent 38 years trying to convince myself if this…. But today I can very proudly say, I AM WORTHY!! Thank u FF 😉

  17. Depending on the day, I’m either purple, green, or turquoise. I live fellow flowers! When running, I try to say the mantra of the flower whenever I’m struggling during a run/event. It helps to remind me that I can do this!

  18. Yellow – Because I get to. Not everyone gets to run because they get to. This is a gift that allows you to reflect your happy onto others. It allows most importantly the people closest to you to see you at your best!

  19. Black! I love what this flower stands for because I am strong and bold and it even though it took a long time for me to get here I will not forget it!

  20. I’m courage. I’ve just completed my first half marathon and 25k within a month of each other. Both wearing my green flower. Remembering to have the courage to reach for a goal out of my comfort zone!

  21. I am many flowers. It depends on what I am training for, the season, which running partner I am meeting, and how I am feeling that day. My all time favorite one is the Orange one -honoring the journey of friendship !

  22. I’m silver cause I always see the good in everything, the silver lining! When I broke my leg last year all I cared about was running again to have my “mommy time out”!

  23. Purple – no excuses, Dark Pink – worthy, Turquoise – believe… There are so many! Do I have to choose only one?!

  24. Purple…as a busy full time working mom, I have to give myself permission to run for me! No excuses!

  25. I am both /purple/ :: no excuses because I spent too many years putting off getting healthy and /turquoise/ :: believe because finally last year I realized I can run and I now believe in me and I’m brave enough to think I can do whatever I set my mind to!

  26. I would have to say turquoise. I am doing my best to believe in myself once again. It is so hard though when you have so far to go but I can do it. It is my own race!

  27. I am blue and red! There is no place on earth I find more contentness than running freely. It saved me from getting depressed through my divorce. I came out stronger and and content.

  28. So hard to choose just one, I love them all. I recently stumbled across Fellow Flowers and purchased the “Isn’t Mommy Being Awesome” shirt, I love it. If I had to pick just one flower I’d pick “believe”!

    1. We do have a winner and announced it to her yesterday. We are waiting for her confirmation response before we announce it publicly. So everyone needs to check their e-mails associated with their posts on Salty Running to see if they are the lucky winner! 🙂 More to come soon.