Dill’s Utah Marathon Week 8

Hooray!  I finally had a perfect week.  Well… by perfect I mean, I got all my runs in! The Plan for this week was 50 miles with a long run of 16 miles.

Monday: rest day


I had not run since the previous Thursday night due to my procedure on my arm.  I skipped buti yoga because I was not sure the stitches in my arm were ready for planks and downward dogs.  My workout for the day was a 2-3 warm up followed by 6 x 1 mile at 7:50 with 1:00 min jog between and cool down.  I loaded up my trusty audio book and headed out.  I did a 3 mile warm up followed by 7:37, 7:40, 7:37, 7:46, 7:40, 7:35. 2.34 cool down for 12 miles total.  I was a little fast, but I was trying not to look at my watch too much and to just go by effort.  12 miles total


As usual, I was pretty tired from my workout the previous day, but I headed out for an easy few miles.  I started listening to a new book and tricked myself into an easy 8 miles.


I wasn’t feeling much like running, but I had made plans with my neighbors to run.  I won’t pace up the chance to run with company if I can and so we headed out for a fun 6 miles.  Since I was already out, I headed out for 2 more easy miles to help me get to my weekly mileage goal.  8 miles total

Friday: rest day

Saturday: I had a busy day, but did not get up early enough to get my run in before taking my daughter to skating.  I took her to skating and then used my 47 minutes to cram in 5.5 miles with 8 0:20/1:40 strides.  When I got home, I had just enough time to cram in the 2.5 miles I needed to reach my weekly mileage.  I realized after my run that I had done some bad math, and only needed .5 miles!

Sunday: Long run of 16 miles with last 4 @ 8:15 pace.  I went to a new place to run and ran with some new and old friends from my running group.  I felt pretty good on the run. We ran at about an 8:40 pace and honestly, I felt like I was working a bit harder than that.  The last 4 miles were 7:48 (i think my watch was being goofy here, this did not feel this fast at all) 8:04, 8:02, 8:03. Then I ran out to finish my friend’s run with her for an extra .3 miles.  16.3 miles total

Total miles: 52.3

Books Listened to: Finished “The Siren” by Kierra Cass and started “Silver Bay” by JoJo Moyes.  Silver Bay has started off slow, but seems to be picking up. Also listened to “An Invisible Thread” but listened to most of that while driving and spring cleaning my house.

I'm a running mom of two little girls, who is busy balancing life, work and marathon training. It's always training season for me because I'm on a quest to run a marathon in every state, while constantly striving to be the best runner I can be. Running has led me to some great adventures and I always have a good story to share!

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  1. Kudos on getting all the miles in, and great workout/long run to boot! I really need to look into more books by JoJo Moyes, I’ve really enjoyed the few I have already ready by her.