Dill’s Utah Week 10

Wow! Week 10!  I finally finalized travel arrangements for my trip to Utah, so this is start to get real.  I switched up my routine a bit this week to accommodate for my husband’s travels and my kiddos activities.

Monday: I almost always take a rest day on Mondays, however with the hubby traveling this week, I wanted to take every opportunity to run outside, even if that meant running more days in a row than I normally do.  My oldest daughter had lacrosse practice in a field at the end of a small industrial park.  My youngest daughter who is much too big for the running stroller humored me and and folded herself and her iPad happily into my trusty old BOB while I managed to find 6 miles worth of parking lots and driveways to loop around in.  6 miles total

Tuesday: I postponed the buti yoga to the following evening and opted to do my workout in the morning.  I have been doing my hard workout in the afternoon, outside on Tuesdays.  The planned workout was 4 mile warm up with 3 by 2 miles @7:50 with 2:00 jog between, 1-2 mile cool down. I was pretty nervous about this workout because I don’t do well with fast workouts in the am, this would be my 6th day in a row running (other people do that, I don’t.), and I would be doing it on my treadmill.  I use to love doing speed workouts on my treadmill.  In truth, at that time I was afraid I couldn’t do the workouts in the real world, but on the treadmill I could somehow manage to just hang on til the prescribed mileage or time interval was complete.  Something happened when we got our new treadmill. I don’t know if it’s not calibrated correctly, or if something in me isn’t right, but now I struggle to keep paces on the treadmill that I can on the road.  So whether it was mental or physical, my worries manifested themselves into reality.  The air conditioning was not on in my house and so I opened the window, not realizing it was in the 80’s outside.  My warm up went ok, but during my intervals, I found myself stopping at least twice.  I just couldn’t keep the pace. On the final interval, I switched to 2 single miles at 7:50 pace instead of a 2 mile interval.  I cooled down to 12 miles total.  I haven’t lost much sleep over this workout, it’s ok to have a bad workout, and I had a few things going against me that day.  Still, it’s frustrating because these Tuesday workouts have been going so well, and I know I can hit those paces with out an issue.

Wednesday:  Tonight was my first night back at Yoga since my procedure on my arm.  My arm held up and it felt good to be back doing some strength training.  It was super hot in the class room, so much so that we fogged up all the mirrors.


Thursday:  I was tired and opted to take my 2nd rest day.  This didn’t really fit with my plans for the week, but I was running long on friday and didn’t think cramming an evening run in would benefit me.

Friday: The plan was 20 miles.  The first 10 miles were to be easy, then 3 miles at 8:15 pace, 2 easy, 3@ 8:15 pace, 2 easy. I met my friends Jeff and Glenn at 6:30 am.  It was already 70 degrees with what had to be 99.99% humidity.  We did an 8 mile loop, heading back to our cars to drop Glenn off and then Jeff and I headed out for our final 12 mile loop.  It was hot and humid, but weirdly I felt ok.  (I usually joke that I can’t run when the temperature gets over 35 degrees.)  I felt pretty ok when we hit the first set of 3 miles at 8:15 pace.  Those miles came in a little too fast at 8:07, 8:09, and 7:59.  When we got to the second set of three miles, we found ourselves headed uphill and into some pretty strong winds.  We didn’t focus on the watch too much and ended up at 8:12, 7:59 and 8:08 for the second set.  Overall I felt pretty good for my first 20 in months.

Saturday: I got out of bed at the very last minute and only gave myself enough time for 5.5 miles before we had to head out for Addy’s lacrosse tournament.  I think I was waddling when I started, but by the end of the slow, easy run I felt much better.  We spent the rest of the day at a lacrosse tournament and then headed to a kentucky derby/cinco de mayo party.

Sunday: I slept in and tried to squeeze my run in between church and skating.  I was about a mile away from home when I realized we needed to leave in 6 minutes!  Barely got my 6.5 miles and a quick shower in before we headed out to the rink.

Total Mileage: 50 miles

Books Listened to – Silver Bay by Jojo Moyes

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