Dill’s Training Log: May 9th thru 15th

This week was another good week of building back up miles and working on my strength  training.  My legs are feeling pretty zapped during my runs, especially my long runs, but I think I just need to give my body time to get used to the strength training and other forms of cardio I’m throwing in here and there.


Monday: Accumulator Workout – I’m really enjoying this workout because it kicks my butt yet it’s a nice change of pace. The workout is 10 rounds starting with one exercise, adding a new exercise each round.

Tuesday: I did some speedwork in the morning.  2 mile warm up followed by 5 by 1 mile at 10k pace.  I had 2:00 recovery in between each mile followed with a 1 mile cool down.  I did this on the treadmill and was able to bring my pace down just a notch with each interval.

Wednesday: The soreness from Monday and Tuesday had settled in.  I went for a late night recovery run.  I felt pretty crappy at first, but as things loosened up I felt better.  I pushed the pace a bit too much, but I have a hard time not doing that when I run on my own.

Thursday: rest day – took my oldest daughter to dinner and to see the play “Matilda”

me and addy matilda
Me and Addy at “Matilda the Musical”

Friday: Met my friend Eric for 7 early morning miles.  I felt pretty good.  We pushed it a bit, but I kept reeling us back in.

Saturday:  Woke up early to a huge storm that was too heavy to run in.  I procrastinated for long enough until the treadmill was my only option.  I decided to do a long workout to make the time go faster.  I also decided to watch a sad movie and start my workout when I was already hungry.  This made for a terribly tough mental workout.  I did

2 mile warm up, 3 @ 8:00, 1 @ 8:35, 3 @ 7:50, 1 @8:35, 3 @ 7:42, 1 @ 8:35.  1 mile cool  down for 15 total.  The workout was supposed to be continuous but I had to stop a few times to help my kids and refill water.  (I think those were excuses just to stop, so I’m kind of mad at myself.)  By the end of the run I was HANGRY.

Sunday: 5 easy miles late in the day after shoveling a bunch of mulch in the snow and hail!

snowy window
Snow in May!

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