Dandelion’s Training Log – 7.5.14

Ringing out the shirt post 16 miler.

Post very long vacay I was ready to have a solid week of running, hitting workouts and eating well. Two out of three is not bad, I say licking the icing off of my fingers.

Monday June 29: 7 miles easy. I went later in the day, big mistake this time of year. You know, when there is an 80% chance of thunderstorms EVERY day at 6 pm. Well so imagine what happened. Nothing like some crackling lightening to get your arse moving!

Tuesday June 30: 8 Miles with 5 mile repeats. Feeling sluggish today, and not super enthused about busting out some intervals. But I got it done. 6:40s. Solid. My reward was a super crazy good massage that evening. Hurts so good!

Wednesday July 1: 5 miles. Normally an off day for me, I did some easy miles just to off set the severe lack of running recently. All easy.

Thursday July 2: 9.5 miles, with 8.5 at marathon pace. I’m still not exactly sure where this will actually end up on race day. Right now 8 min still feels pretty comfortable. So until further notice, I’m sticking to it.

Friday July 3: 5 miles, easy. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Saturday July 4: Happy Birthday #merica. Spin class today. 90 minutes of crazy. The words sadistic come to mind when trying to capture the essence of this class!

Sunday July 5: 16 miles, with about 7-8 at race pace. I headed out with a good friend this morning and we played the “who is driving this pace”? game. But in the end we both got a really solid run out of it. I surprised myself with the overall pace maintained, especially with the kind of humidity that leaves you ringing out your clothes afterwards!

Total: 50.5 miles.

I’m a transplanted Pennsylvanian who is now running south of the Mason Dixon. I am peeling away my triathlete costume to reveal the single sport athlete who has been jonesing to fly again, by training for my first marathon in about a decade. I always bring dessert to parties, I schedule my fall life around football, I've climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and run miles on 5 continents. I’m hoping my Garmin will help me to navigate life's newest twists and turns and that you will come along on this adventure!

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