Dandelion’s Training Log – 6.21.15

A well timed selfie in Yosemite. This place is nothing short of gorgeous!

I’m a week into vacation and its been amazing. And exhausting. I’m heading (back) into Yosemite for a few more days of back country hiking. I wrote a post lately about running on vacation… let’s see if you think I practice what I preach!

Monday June 15: 6 miles. We flew into SFO early in the morning and by late afternoon, Pacific Time, it was that critical ‘pass out or power through’ time. So we drove over to Golden Gate Park. OH wow. Paths to run on, flowers to smell, bands to hear, even a waterfall. It was a very slow, sightseeing run, but it was good to get the legs moving after the long trip in the metal tube.

Tuesday June 16: OFF. Not on purpose. But we were up early to tour Alcatraz (highly recommend!) and then hoof it around the Wharf and of course Ghirardelli! By the time we rolled into the hotel that evening, I was wrecked. Call it a few miles of walking.

Wednesday June 17: 10 miles. I got up in the AM and ran to REI to collect some necessities for hiking later in the trip. It was a 3 mile round trip, punctuated by a few blocks of pick ups to put some distance between myself and the lovely lads heckling me along the way. Later in the day, in a town called Sonora (super cute!) I got in 7 miles on the treadmill. I had planned to check out a local park, but with temps in the triple digits, that was not happening!

glden gate park
Finding some flat ground in San Fran at the Golden Gate Park

Thursday June 18: 11+ miles. My mom and I took the tour but up to Glacier Point in Yosemite. Friggin Amazing. She took the bus back to the valley and I ran-jumped-scampered-climbed-stepped my way back. It was really fun and really hard. (I’m still sore!)

Friday June 19: 5 miles. On the eliptical. I was still having some trouble with muscle coordination and cooperation from the epic day before.

Saturday June 20:  5 miles. Easy. My brother got married today and it was an early start. I had some wear and tear on me from the week’s travels across the great state of California, so opted to add in some more easy ones.

Sunday June 21: OFF. I am giving myself a day to rest and recover before hitting the trails of Yosemite for the next four days. And it doesn’t help things that I’m in transit, again!

Total – 37 miles.

(Total miles traveled this week – 3,2223)

And just one last little tidbit of the park…..



I’m a transplanted Pennsylvanian who is now running south of the Mason Dixon. I am peeling away my triathlete costume to reveal the single sport athlete who has been jonesing to fly again, by training for my first marathon in about a decade. I always bring dessert to parties, I schedule my fall life around football, I've climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and run miles on 5 continents. I’m hoping my Garmin will help me to navigate life's newest twists and turns and that you will come along on this adventure!

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