Coriander’s Training Log: 3.24.13

Between work, training, racing and trying to still pretend I have a social life, time has gotten away from me! I’m happy to report that I finally had a confidence-boosting 60+ mile week and my foot is healing. I’m feeling much better about the 100 miler. Even though the snow outside doesn’t look like my big summer race is only three months away, I know that the extra hard work will pay off.

So here’s what’s been happening!

Week ending March 17:

Monday: 60 minute yoga class.

Tuesday: 5 miles roads. My foot hurt and it was one of those runs where everything that could possibly go wrong, did. I was slated for 7-8 miles, but bagged it early because I just wasn’t feeling great.

Wednesday: 60 minute yoga class/4.2 miles roads. I ran with my Wednesday night group and it was so windy out! I was running with a newer runner, so we took it slow and it felt like we were being pushed by the wind the whole time! It was crazy.

Thursday: 7 miles/3.2 miles, both roads. I met with a friend before our run club I started at work to get a longer run in, then ran with the group. It felt great to finally be getting longer miles in during the week. It’s something I need to make a priority.

Friday: 2-hour yoga workshop. I went to a workshop at Cleveland Yoga taught by Sid McNairy, an instructor from Baltimore who coached football and works with elite athletes all over the country. It was crazy how sore I was after this class!

Saturday: 19 miles trails. I ran half of my friend’s out-and-back long run. As much as I would have loved to stay out there for all 36 miles, I had a very important baby shower to attend after. Which happened to be across the street from Vertical Runner:

It was destiny!
It was destiny! I swear I needed new shoes.

Sunday: 14 miles trails. Another day, another out-and-back group run I only ran half of. This time it was because I was being a nice girlfriend and it was St. Patrick’s Day. My boyfriend, who also happens to be named Patrick, hadn’t been able to celebrate his favorite holiday in years because of the Army. So he picked me up at the trailhead that was almost halfway and we went downtown for all the craziness.

Total: 52.4 miles. And this week:

Monday: Rest!

Tuesday: 7 miles roads. Quickie run before work. It felt good to actually get up and go and feel rested for once.

Wednesday: 5 miles trails. Ran with the Wednesday night Vertical Runner group. I was so happy to get out on the trail during the week!

Thursday: Unplanned rest day. It snowed overnight, so my motivation in the morning was gone. And after work, I just felt so tired and so sick, I was happy to go home and be asleep by 8:30.

Friday: 15 miles roads. It snowed again! The original plan was to run 5 miles to the trail, a 5-mile loop of the trail, then the 5 miles home. But since I was breaking a path on the sidewalk, I figured I can do that faster than I can on the trail and make it to work on time.

Saturday: 31 miles trails, some roads. I ran the inaugural Buzzard Day 50K in Hinckley, OH. The course was mostly trails, with two very small road sections. It was cold, but sunny most of the day and I ran my fastest trail 50K ever: 6:12!

This is a very unflattering race photo of me, but unfortunately, I didn't get many good ones from this race. (Photo credit: John McCarroll)
This is a very unflattering race photo of me, but unfortunately, I didn’t get many good ones from this race. (Photo credit: John McCarroll)

Sunday: 5 miles roads. We had an event at work that included a run, so I had a nice little recovery run. Luckily, only my quads were a little sore. I felt like I could have kept going, so that’s a great sign.

Total: 63 miles.

Trail and 100 mile ultra runner who still loves a good road marathon every now and then. Lifetime Northeast Ohio resident that dreams of the mountains out west, but loves CLE too much. Sometimes a vegan, sometimes does yoga, always loves a good craft beer and post race donuts.

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