Q: How is writing for Salty Running different from writing for my blog?

A: When we write for Salty Running, we’re writing for the reader, which means our writers don’t just write whatever comes to mind. A Saltine will instead choose a topic, then choose an angle she thinks will inspire, help or entertain our audience. Personal stories are also welcome, but they should, for the most part, have a clear objective of offering perspective or information to the reader.

Next, you’ll be working with a team! Your work will be edited, which mostly means a lot of proofreading and shuffling around of sentences, but also means that if your topic is timely (for instance, if you’re writing about an upcoming race) there may be deadlines to contend with. There will be a request for some kind of photo or image with every post. Some of your ideas might not make it to the front page. Some will be home runs! Working with a team isn’t always simple, but it is very rewarding.

Writing with us means you become part of a community of amazing running women, including veteran marathoners, 100-mile ultrarunners, elites and sub-elites, beginners, masters runners and everyone in between, which means access to a whole wealth of other perspectives. Behind the scenes we exchange ideas, help each other with articles, reach out for help with our training and our lives. Every one of us believes in our mission to change the conversation about the sport of running and we all realize it starts with us.

Q: I already have a running blog. Why would I want to write for Salty Running?

Writing for Salty Running is a great way to hone your writing skills, reach a wider audience, and share your knowledge and insights with the running community. And duh, you get to be friends with us.

Q: What are some good writing topics? 

A: The answer lies within you, grasshopper. Think about the sort of things you like reading on Salty Running and try something similar. If you’re stuck, try sharing something that changed your running life, kvetching about something that really drives you crazy, discussing research on a particular topic or discussing an ethical dilemma. But don’t limit yourself there – if there’s something you think will make a great topic, use it! Passion is your greatest ally!

Q: Why can’t the writing sample be a personal story?

A: Because our site is committed to publishing work that enriches its readers, we want to ensure that kind of writing is a good match for your voice.

Q: Does you’re speeling and grammer count?

A: Yes, but they’re not the most important thing.

Q: If I don’t get chosen, can I resubmit?

A: Yes! Yes yes yes. We strongly encourage you to resubmit even if we couldn’t accept you before. We generally get more great applications than we have openings.

Q: If I don’t get chosen, can I appeal?

A: Sure, you can try! Enthusiasm is definitely worth points. Remember, we can’t guarantee we’ll have the extra space though.

Q: Who decides which applications are accepted?

A: A team of Salty Running contributors, lead by Cinnamon.

Q: Are Salty Running writers paid?

A: Not yet, unfortunately. That’s something we would really love to do in the future. Occasionally companies will offer us free products in return for writing a review; we try to pass these opportunities to our contributors as much as possible.

Q: Why can’t I use a race report as my writing sample?

A: Race reports are personal stories. Race reports can be very inspiring, entertaining, and are wonderful, but they are about you. We are specifically looking to see what your voice is like when writing to an audience.

Q: Why can I only submit one or two photos?

A: We love seeing your beautiful photos and often include more than two in work published on SR, but this time we want your writing to be the star.

Q: What if I am accepted but decide I’m not ready to commit to Salty Running?

A: We know writing for SR is a commitment and if you decide you’re not ready that’s okay. We just ask that you let us know as soon as possible so we can fill the spot with someone else. Don’t worry, there will be no hard feelings at all and if you decide to re-apply next time, we’ll be here!