Do you love running? Are you a talented writer?


Salty Running is a volunteer-based community blog. If you think you’d like to contribute, we want to hear from you!



  • have a developed writing style or voice
  • have a ton of enthusiasm for the sport of running
  • be into sharing her unique story, experience, insights, etc.
  • share pictures of themselves and their running life. (You haven’t lived until you’ve staged a photograph of yourself running through a public park in a fake beard. I mean…you don’t have to go that hard. But we want to see your beautiful face!)

The Commitment:

Currently, Salty Running is asking contributors to commit to spending a minimum of 3 months writing with us, with a goal of 2 substantive posts a month. Additionally, writers will be encouraged to post a weekly training log, just a little update with a rundown of your week’s running. Many Saltines have found this process to be fun and helpful to their training, plus, readers love them! If your interest in Salty Running comes from wanting to generate a following, training logs are without a doubt the best way to do that.

To read sample training logs go here.

Substantive posts are awesome, and I want you to write about cool stuff that inspires you. This can be a technical piece about running if you wish, but I encourage writers to explore any topic as long as we can dial it into running somehow. These are expected to be 600-1000+ words, be well-researched with sources cited/linked, and, most importantly, be written for the benefit of the reader. Our best posts answer a common question runners havetell a story (like that or like this), weigh in on one controversy or another, share an insight runners can relate to, or make us laugh until we pee our shorts.

Post in the new forums sometimes, because community building is awesome! And it’s fun!

The Rewards!

Share your story, your wisdom and your wit! When you have a gift for writing, you have something great to offer the running community! There is great joy in giving back and sharing oneself! Plus, it’s really fun, you get a great excuse to take silly photos (collaborative comedy!) and you’ll probably get some fans too!

Your writing, only better. Your substantive posts will be edited! By an editor! This process ensures you are putting out your best possible work. And it can be fun, because you get to hang with Saltines! Which brings me to…

An invite to our Slack workspace where you can chat with the Salty Team! This is a great way to engage directly with editors and workshop your writing, collaborate with others and help spark creativity. Other Saltines hang on Slack too and we have lots of behind-the-scenes discussions on running, life, coffee, cats, beardy guys and all sorts of random stuff.

You will be part of a family. Seriously, these women are my best running buddies, and I’ve never met some of them in real life. Caraway is an ocean away but it often feels like she’s right next door!

Sometimes we even get free stuff! We occasionally get offered products to review! When that happens I try to kick the products to our writers so they can get something nifty. Also, I like to send our team Sal stickers, because Sal is awesome.


How long you contribute to Salty Running can vary. Right now we’re asking for 3 months, with an option to keep going after that’s up. Some of our best writers have stuck around since the beginning! Others have written three posts and then decided it wasn’t for them. Some leave and come back!

Got more questions? I have an F.A.Q. about writing for us here.

How to apply:

1) Complete the form below.

2) Let us get to know you! Comment on posts and ask questions in the forums. Like us on Insta and Twitter and on facebook and join the SaltyChat group on the latter. (You can support us on Patreon too, if you like, but it is definitely not a requirement!) Our readers are the reason we created Salty Running, so we love when you brag to us about your running accomplishments, tell us how training is going and let us know your ideas and opinions.

Writing Sample Criteria

  • 600-1200 words, preferably accompanied by at least one photo.
  • Written for the reader about a running-related topic of your choosing (no race reports, please)
  • Hosted somewhere on the Internet—Google Docs is totally fine if you don’t have a blog or website!
  • Examples from your experience are great ways to back up points or segue into a topic, but this particular piece should not be a personal story.
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