Comment of the Week – 6.22.12

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We had a jam-packed week with lots of posts and even better, lots of awesome comments! Despite the many many great choices, once again the Salties were pretty unanimous in their choice for this week’s COTW. Are you ready to find out which commenter wins this illustrious prize?


Stephanie! Her comment on Ginger’s post, Women’s Safety: Running Free in a Scary World:

I never run with my iPod or any other music when I’m outside. My husband is a security agent and his number-one tip for women is to ditch the music. It distracts you from your surroundings and it’s a clear signal to muggers that you have something worth stealing. He totally supports running at night, though, with a headlamp, and he advises me to run a different route every time, even if it’s just slightly different, to make sure no one can track my daily movements. Obviously one attack is too many, but the number of women attacked is much lower than the number of women who run safely so it’s pure chance and most of us are lucky. Make yourself a difficult target by staying aware.

The rules for running safely in India are different than the US. Women aren’t supposed to make eye contact. It’s my own fault for getting harassed if I wear shorts rather than leggings that cover my knees. It’s very frustrating.

We love this comment because Stephanie shares her special knowledge about security without insisting women do anything completely unreasonable to keep themselves safe. And then she adds the cherry on top with the little intercultural gem about covering knees and not making eye contact in India lest she invite harassment. Seriously? Knees? A) they aren’t a particularly attractive body part and B) isn’t it kinda hot for that kinda coverage? We feel for you girl!

When she’s not posting awesome comments on Salty Running, Stephanie is a busy lady. Stephanie runs and writes in Hyderabad, India, where she is training for a half marathon in August. She is married and is a mom to a toddler. In her “spare time” she is studying for a master’s degree in political science and is thinking of becoming a certified personal trainer. She blogs about her adventures at Where in the World Am I? and tracks her mileage on

Thanks so much Stephanie!

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  1. Thanks Stephanie for sharing your tips and experience! Will definitely be checking out that blog of yours 😉