Comment of the Week – 6.15.12

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We Salties had a hard time deciding on this weeks COTW with all the amazing comments we had. We really do have the best readers around!

This week we talked about some heavy stuff. Ginger wrote about how a little run inspired her to reach out to her estranged dad and Salty discussed the intersection between her father’s suicide and running. Not exactly light stuff! But this week’s comment of the week came on one of our bread and butter posts about training. This week’s comment of the week is *drumroll*

Liz M’s comment on Cinnamon’s stretching post!

Although stretching may not help, lack of flexibility can be a contributing factor to injury. There is some impressive research and some clinical guidelines for specific injuries related to flexibility in the field of physical therapy (and certainly others). I think of flexibility/range of motion as a threshold of sorts. If your range of motion is above the threshold, you have low risk of injury or loss of function. Whether it is 1 degree or 20 degrees above the threshold. If you dip below that magic threshold number, you are at a higher risk for injury/loss of function.

Opinion time: I think it is valuable for every runner to stretch at least weekly so as to “catch it” when muscles are tight and prevent excessive loss of range of motion that can come with repetitive contraction without elongation. I’d love to hear more opinions on this topic.

We love this comment because Liz took a side on a controversial issue and sold us on it. While stretching might not be the cure-all the running world once thought it was, it’s still a valuable tool in the quest to stay healthy and on the road.

Liz knows what she’s talking about too. She’s a pediatric physical therapist and one accomplished runner–a 2:53 marathoner! She’s currently rebuilding her training after a looooong lay-off due to a pesky case of plantar fasciitis. If you want to read more from Liz, check out her awesome food and running blog, Go Faster Gastronomy.

Thanks again to Liz and all our readers for a great week!


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