Comment of the Week 4.5.14

COTW-badge2It’s been an exciting week here at Salty Running!  We reported two impressive PRs: Eucalyptus killed it in the 10K last weekend, and Coriander logged a 32 minute PR in the 50K, also picking up top honors as the first female finisher in the female open division.  Our Greatest Women’s Running Blog Tournament continued to build momentum, opening up conversations between the best female runner-bloggers around and attracting a huge number of new readers to our site.  Speaking of our readers, let’s turn to this week’s Comment of the Week!

Drumroll, please….

This week’s winner is Betty White, who wrote this comment in response to Gingko’s spring cleaning post:

My husband and I started a “Running Tree” to go along with our Travel Tree and our old traditional Christmas tree. We remove the ribbons from the medals and hand them on the tree. It is great fun each year getting medals out and reliving races. The downside is, we find ourselves entering races based on how we think the medal will look on the tree! I donate my non-tech tees to a local elementary school, where they use them for kids who need clothes, and we also donate extra race bags to elementary schools where they are given to kids who do not have backpacks.

When we reached out to Betty to tell her she had won, here is what she had to say:

Wow! My first comment…I am honored.  While I was growing up, my brother and sister both ran cross country and I was the manager of the track team.  I spend my Junior High and HS years covered by stinky sweats, frantically trying to remember how the athletes wanted their starting blocks set (right…lows, left…highs), and hanging out while the fit people ran.  I struggled with weight in HS, and developed an eating disorder in college.  My Freshman year at Texas A&M, I took a class called “Figure Control” (remember, this was the 70’s).  As a part of the class, I started jogging, strictly for weight management.  I continued jogging intermittently until I was 6 months pregnant with my son, 9 years later.  Three years later, after my daughter was born, I finally began the process of recovery from my bulimia.

I gave up running until 7 years ago. My husband’s Lion’s Club puts on a 5K run each year.  That year, we entered as a family: me, my college age daughter, my husband, and my grown son and his fiancé.  My daughter and I crossed the finish line together, and I was 4th in my age group. We got beat by a walker!  That started the competitive spirit, and my husband and I have been running ever since. Running has produced tremendous improvement in my bone health, taking me from osteoporosis to very low level osteopenia. I was injury prone until I worked with a Chi running coach, totally changed my stride, and began running in minimal to zero drop shoes.  I compete mainly in half-marathons, with an occasional 5K for a special cause (or medal!).  I finally got my first marathon in this January 1st, and my second this March.  My husband has run 25 marathons and competed in Boston Last April.  He finished about 20 minutes before the bombs went off. We train together, but he is much faster than me, so we rarely race together.  We both run for The Texas Beef Team, helping to promote beef as a healthy, lean protein for athletes.

When I am not running I am an elementary school counselor, and I use my running stories to talk to my kids about goal setting.  I find myself looking forward to each birthday, because that means I am one year closer to being the youngest in my age group.  I hope I can “age in” to a BQ when I am 60 (three years) and run it with my husband.

Betty and her husband running the Crazy Desert Trail Marathon in San Angelo

This may be Betty’s first comment, but she exemplifies our amazing Salty Running readership.  We love your story, Betty, and we will keep our fingers crossed for a BQ in your future!

Mom of three kiddos and a black lab, running enthusiast, sports-med-doctor-in-training. I love the science and sport of running and all things related.

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  1. So cool. I love learning more about our awesome readers. Thanks for commenting Betty, and for telling us more about yourself!