Comment of the Week – 4.12.14

COTW-badge2Another week bites the dust! Things got back to normal here at Salty Running this week after Monday’s championship round of the Greatest Women’s Blog Tournament. Not only were our spicy collection of bloggers racking up those miles, they were bringing you some great posts! And you know, they weren’t they only ones bringing it. Every week our commenters add a little something something to the site with their experiences and insights. This week was no different – find out who won Comment of the Week after the jump!

Jason took home Comment of the Week with his awesome comment on Garlic’s Running at Altitude post:

Great post Rebecca. I found your blog while looking up altitude training articles. I train athletes at altitude for a living. One newer strategy that I employ during training camps is to combine heat exposure after the first week at altitude. Numerous studies show that EPO production starts declining down to baseline after the first 5-7 days. Physiologists are not completely sure why this happens, but it is likely a combination of ventilatory compensation driving up Sp02 and hemoconcentration. Interestingly repeated heat exposure in saunas has been shown to increase RBC production by 3.5%, and the author’s presumed mechanism was a compensatory response to increased blood volume (a major adaptation to heat acclimation). Incorporating sauna or sweatsuit training when EPO starts to decline after that first week may help maximize gains in RBC production by attenuating hemoconcentration’s role in suppressing EPO prod. One study on rugby players has shown that heat combined with altitude can result in longer lasting gains in RBC count after sea-level return. Again, this may be a sign of the same mechanism–larger blood volume tricking your body into not suppressing EPO production. I hope this wasn’t too nerdy and you found some benefit. I am seeing some serious performance gains in my athletes. Keep up the good work.

It may be pretty estrogen-heavy around these parts, but we love our male readers, too – especially when they’re as wicked smart as Jason. We don’t think your comment is too nerdy at all, Jason. In fact, we kinda like to geek out about data, so this comment is right up our alley!

Have a great weekend, Salty readers, whether you’re racing, running long or recovering!

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