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COTW badgeCan you feel the excitement in the air? It’s madness, baby… March Madness! The basketball tournament is this Salty blogger’s favorite time of the year, and I’ve been glued to the games, sports talk radio, analysis – you name it. Even if you’re not into hoops hoopla like I am, we know you’re probably getting pumped up for the Salty Running Greatest Women’s Running Blog tournament. Round One is in the books, so be sure to come back next week to see who advanced and vote in Round Two of the competition.

In other Salty news, we’re all rooting for Cilantro as she tackles her first 100K today. Gooo, Cilantro! Trust your training, girl – you’re gonna kill it!

Which comment finished atop the rankings to win Comment of the Week? Find out after the jump!

Jess takes home the Comment of the Week trophy, with this great comment she left on Wasabi’s Zen and the Art of Fun Running post:

Hahah love this!! Also, super timely for me – I’m running the Paris marathon “for fun” next weekend. I was initially planning on training for the race, but I fell and broke my foot in December. I wasn’t able to run again until mid-February. Since then I’ve worked up to … one 16-miler. I’ve never done a marathon on this little training but the doctor said I could do it if I want, and I already had the flights booked so… Paris fun run!

We loved this commentย because it can be so easy to forget to be optimistic when an injury potentially sidelines our plans, yet Jess kept a positive attitude about her situation. And, to be honest, we were all a little bit jealous of her Paris plans!

When we contacted Jess to let her know about her big win, she had this to say:

Jess and her husband at the Philadelphia Marathon in November, about two weeks before she broke her foot.
Jess and her husband at the Philadelphia Marathon in November, about two weeks before she broke her foot.

I’ve been running since second grade. Took a break during college and started back up again during law school. Ran my first marathon in 2007 – Marine Corps! Fingers crossed, Paris will be my 10th!

People are amazed that I run almost exclusively on the treadmill. I work crazy hours, so it’s the easiest and safest way to squeeze in miles! I’m also currently training for my first iron-distance tri in June. I did plenty of swimming and biking when my foot was broken, so I hope that fitness will carry me through the streets of Paris. I chose Paris because my family hosted a French exchange student about a decade ago – so I have a free place to stay with him! Plus with a boatload of frequent flyer miles – I couldn’t pass it up!

I plan on taking Wasabi’s advice to heart: I’ll be in Paris a few days before the race and will be enjoying 1) walking around Versailles; 2) red, red wine; and 3) all the good food ๐Ÿ™‚

You might remember Jess as the winner of our Horror Story Giveaway contest, where her dog Eli helped her get out of a sticky situation. Eli was actually the reason Jess broke her foot – he tripped her as she was going down the stairs.

Good luck in Paris, Jess, and good luck to all of our readers with spring races on the horizon. Don’t forget to make it fun while you’re out there – even if the goal is to “PR your face off” (tm Wasabi)

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