Comment of the Week – 3.22.2014

COTW badgeDoes anyone else feel like they’re getting punked?

By spring?!? I woke up to no power and a winter storm warning in NoDak, and it seems like the rest of the northern states are faring similarly.  It goes without saying that our Friday Five yesterday was timely albeit depressing.  We’re heating things up around here though – look for a March Madness-themed bracket coming to Salty Running soon and we’ve added some amazing new bloggers to the team who are killing it with their content and enthusiasm.

Speaking of amazing, it’s time for my favorite time of the week, comment of the week!  The winner is… 

This week, we loved Gail’s comment on Cinnamon’s Train the Total Athlete post:

I officially converted to the “athlete” perspective when I fractured my foot 7 weeks ago. I was so focused on miles and minutes to become a better runner- and then, sitting in the ER with a PA telling me my bone was in two pieces, I had an epiphany about cross-training. It shouldn’t have taken a trip to the ER for me to figure this out, but hindsight is 20/20! Now, as I plan to get my boot off in a week, I’ve been looking at trading my easy miles days for spinning, yoga, and barre classes. Not only will this make me a better runner overall, but switching things up means that I won’t be dragging myself out the door on repetitive, easy runs- I’ll be bouncing out the door ready to see how all the cross-training has improved my running abilities! Thanks so much for this post- it directly reflects everything that I’ve been thinking recently!

When we contacted Gail to let her know she’d won, here’s what she had to say:

I’m a goal-oriented runner in my mid-twenties who wants to run every single race THIS YEAR. After I fractured my foot in February, I realized that wasn’t perhaps the best plan of action and have picked a handful of half-marathons (my favorite distance) to focus on in 2014, with the goal of making this year an awesome, cross-training-focused, base building year. So far, the broken foot has instilled more patience in me as a runner, and I hope to keep this perspective as the weather gets more beautiful here in the freezing cold Northeast!

That’s a great perspective to have (and one that I need too).  Thank you to everyone for their comments and making the Salty community as awesome as it is.

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