Comment of the Week – 3.1.2014

And the winner is...
And the winner is…

I think I start all of these posts with some form of “I can’t believe it’s…” but seriously, March?  Already?  I will never complain about how fast 2014 is going, however, because I want spring here now (which is my other recent theme in comment of the week posts).  In other Salty news, however, we are planning something big for March, and because of that, we need your recommendations for the running blogs (other than Salty Running, of course) that you love.  Leave a comment with your favorite women in blogging!

And now, for the much awaited comment of the week winner…Congratulations to Megan who commented on the The Unexpected Awesome Impact of the Gabe Grunewald DQ post:

I definitely followed Gabe’s saga, and was relieved to hear she’ll be going to Worlds. I likened the decision-making to this season’s Top Chef- which, if you have not seen it, there’s an episode where a dude makes a huge mistake and definitely shouldn’t win, but since he has immunity, let’s someone else take the fall so he can move on the next round. It’s a competition, after all… but in the sport of Track and Field, there’s more than just winning. Sportsmanship and one’s ability to “live happily” in their sport for years to come weighs a lot more than some 12 week long TV show on Bravo. OK., it’s not the best analogy.
Anyway, I digress. She is indeed an inspiration, and that race was her’s hands down. Kudos to Jordan for rescinding her protest.
I think we can all agree that we saw some pretty amazing advancements in the sport of women’s running this week!  When we let Megan know she had won, here’s what she had to say:

Comment of the Week winner Megan!
Comment of the Week winner Megan!
I am a biomedical engineer and post-doctoral fellow at Washington University in Saint Louis. I’ve been a runner since 6th grade, and was a 4-year, 8x letter winner (and xc-skied) for NCAA Div II at Michigan Tech. Since college, I go on “runcations” with my college teammates and friends I’ve met over the years. Our group, dubbed Team Mega Tough, has run several Ragnar Relays (some as all-women Ultras), marathons, and ultras together and as each others’ sherpas. We have this amazing network that’s spread across the US, from Berkeley CA to DC, and we support each other in amazing feats (like TMT’s Andrea Metz in her 2011 attempt a podium in the Leadville 100 run; she led through mile 60 and finished 3rd for women. TMT’s Margot and myself were her pacers/sherpas). I joined the Oiselle Volee team last summer, and love the interaction, connections, and community it provides. I’ve competed in over a half dozen marathons, two iron-distance triathlons, and a handful of half ironmans and half marathons. My favorite race distance is the 5K.
Another amazing female runner!
What are your favorite running blogs?

Ultrarunner, adventurer, academic, and feminist. Running Across the USA in 2021. I write about ultrarunning, adventuring, and the intersection of endurance athletics and life.

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